March 7, 2010


After 12 days of co-sleeping, breaking routines, skipping naps, K’s sleeping habits have regressed. For the past 3 days since we got back from our vacation, I have to re-train him all over again to sleep by himself.

Sleeping routines have got back to usual, more or less. Except that he is very bad tempered, stubborn, un-cooperative and has started screaming when he does not get his way. When I ask him what is wrong with him, he tells me, “Not enough sleep.” A lousy excuse when he gets up early, too early at 7.30 a.m. and then refuses to go back to sleep.

So I have resorted to using the threat of ‘the hanger’ a little too often these past couple of days. K is absolutely terrified of the sight of ‘the hanger’ and that is probably the only thing that can coerce good behaviour out of him for now. Besides ‘the hanger’, I have another trump card for now; his birthday cake and presents. His birthday is approaching in about a weeks’ time and I have told him that if continues to misbehave, there will be no cake, no presents, no celebration.

Sometimes, all it takes is that potential thought of a loss of privileges, that might get a tot to wise up a little.


Tin said...

It takes patience, lots of effort and a little 'innovation' to train our children to soothe themselves to sleep, isn't it. Jia you!

Rachel said...

Thanks for your encouragement Tin. Jia You to you too as well! As I know it has not be easy for you as well.

Rachel said...

wow, I had a great time seeing all your vacation photos. That makes me wanting a vacation too all so badly haha.

After a long break from the usual routine, all kids behave the same way ya?

Patience, patience and more patience. we adults just can't bring ourselves to throw tantrum like kids too =p

Karen said...

Jia you and be patient. Even when you think your preschooler is sleeping and eating well etc etc for the past 6 months to a year, still be prepared that things can change out of the blue. It happens as I constantly experience new challenges from my 3 yr old but we just need to be really really consistent and firm in order to put things under control.

One suggestion which I personally practice when we go on holidays is, never co-sleep with the kid. At 20 months, I put him on his on super single bed (or mattress to be safer) in the hotel for naps and night-time sleep. We went through the same routines like we do at home (reading, chatting, singing before sleep) so he has less chances to regress after holidays.