March 17, 2010

On turning three


It feels like just yesterday

That you were just a little bundle

In my arms you quietly lay

At that moment, motherhood was still a muddle

One was the number

That you stood up and started walking

Still waking up many times in your slumber

And blubbering was all you were talking

Two was a picture of giggle and tears

Full of mischief, difficult to please

Temper tantrums, screams and lots of fears

Oh I was wondering when will it cease

Three has lots of sunshine

Lots of warmth and humor to light up our day

Endearing ways that suit us just fine

Just that little more difficult when you want your way

Filling our days with your endless chatter

Asking questions till our patience run thin

Somedays it gets a little bit better

When you flash us your cheeky look and gummy grin

We just want to thank God above

Thank Him for filling our years with laughter

Our lives with lots of love

And endless loving banter

Regardless of whether you are stubborn little thing

Well-behaved or a naughty boy

You will always be my little darling

And daddy’s biggest pride and joy

Happy 3rd Birthday Kyle!