February 27, 2010

Kyle’s Sydney adventure Day 8

RIMG2051blogWe were back on another Sydney beach in the afternoon, after dropping Nana and Grand-dad off at the airport for their flight back to Singapore. This time round we took a short drive from the airport to Manly beach, so as to visit the Manly Ocean world; another of Sydney’s attraction which features many Australian’s sea creatures. RIMG2063blogInstead of getting all enthusiastic about the sea creatures in the Ocean World, K much preferred playing with the sand on the beach. RIMG2048blog RIMG2058blogOnce again, I was totally not prepared for K to swim so he only managed a 15 minutes play on the sand and was very disappointed when he had to leave. He was sobbing and insisted that we go back to Bondi beach right then. Dh and I discussed that we should visit Bondi Beach the next few days, before we returned to Singapore.

By then, K was feeling hungry and asking for a sandwich. We went for early dinner and settled with sandwiches and good but expensive fast food; Nandos, to fill our stomachs. RIMG2065blogK was feeling so tired after his meal that he fell asleep on the table. We were feeling a little guilty for wearing him out with the day’s activities and decided not to wake him up. He took a half an hour power nap and was all rearing to go afterwards.