February 22, 2010

Kyle’s Sydney adventure Day 3

RIMG1890blogWe made a day trip to Hunter Valley on Day 3. Hunter Valley is a popular destination for its wineries, fine food and scenic drives, about 2 hours drive away north of Sydney. This day trip was catered mostly for the adults as K did not really appreciate the fine food or the wine. The most encouraging thing though was that K is a great traveller and have no problems being in a car for a long drive. He was either taking short naps, singing his favorite repertoire of songs at the top of his voice or entertaining the adults with his comments throughout our road trip. RIMG1895blogFrom this trip I found out that one of the most effective way to keep K contented and to get him to pose for a photo (even in a grumpy mood) is to offer him a jellybean. His passion for jellybeans can rival his love for ice cream and I can get him to do almost anything, if he gets a jellybean in exchange. RIMG1898blogOur trip to the Hunter Valley will not be complete without a visit to the vineyard. The vineyards were not looking too lush at this particular time of the year as we were approaching the tail end of the harvest. RIMG1900blog

RIMG1905blogThe sun was getting a little bit too hot that afternoon and we decided to take a respite by stopping by an air-conditioned cheese shop. Instead of getting some cheese, which Grand-dad decided that it might be too much after nights of rich dinners. We all got ice cream and ice lollies to cool off from the heat. yumblogK relished every bite of his ice cream and it got a bit too much for the little boy that was watching him enjoyed his ice cream. The latter refused to leave the shop until his parent got him the same ice cream that K was having. RIMG1912blogFor K, it was the perfect way to end off any excursion for the afternoon.