February 20, 2010

Kyle’s Sydney adventure Day 1

RIMG1815blog K usually gets very excited when he knows that he will be going to take a flight on the aeroplane. I started prepping Kyle up for our Sydney trip only a few days before, as it was a last minute decision on my end to follow my extended family on this trip. Primarily, this trip was arranged to help Nick to settle down before he starts his first week of uni at University of Sydney. RIMG1818blogWe took a 7+ hours overnight flight from Singapore to Sydney. Despite skipping his nap that afternoon, K was running on a ‘high’ and only managed 2+ hours of sleep on the plane. RIMG1817blogWe arrived in Sydney early in the morning but could not check in into the service apartments till 2 p.m. that afternoon. We ended up shopping around for Uncle Nick’s things for his new apartment. K’s first day in Sydney wasn’t too pleasant as he was tired out from the flight and we could not get a place to rest till the afternoon. Thank goodness for the stroller, as K sneaked in little naps along the way.

We ended the evening at Sydney’s Chinatown. Grand-dad was raving about the seafood at a certain Chinese restaurant located at Sussex street but could not quite find it that evening.RIMG1819blogWe settled for an alternative on Chinatown, which turned out to be a fairly pricey and mediocre meal. This was probably the start of our many slightly over-priced culinary experiences in Sydney. RIMG1820blog