February 3, 2010

Where we going today?

K's first question to me on some mornings will be, "Where we going today? We have been going out so often these couple of weeks that he is always looking forward to the day's morning activities.

We met up with his favorite friend, Seth and his mom Lay Keng this morning, and the boys had lots of fun shopping for shoes. Who ever said that only women will get a little overboard when trying out new shoes!shoe2 shoe1

K has so much energy that it is getting a little challenging to get him to take his afternoon naps. Bringing him out in the mornings really helps to expend his excess energy and maintains my ‘me time’ in the afternoons. I also found that I should cut out sweets and chocolate in his diet (Dh take note; try not eat chocolate in front of K!), as he ends up bouncing off the walls and it gets extremely hard for him to fall asleep at night.

I am beginning to think twice about starting school next year, and have been contemplating to start K with school as early as after the Mar or June holidays. Although I get a little worried that I may end up the one who will be too bored in the mornings and resort to making crazy decisions like embarking on ‘Project No.2’…


Ann* said...

where's this colourful shoe shop? =)

the little prince said...

,,,,my son started to ask me this question everyday!!

Nic said...

thk u...Rachel :-)

tona-mama said...

Hey, project no.2 sounds GREAT!! Go forth n multiply!! Look at Kyle, such a wonderful child! We still haven met for playdates :(

Frankly, now tt Kimi goes for 2hrs pre-nursery, I've been busier and am aching and missing those mornings where we do nothing or have outings!

U will really really missed him and those times, :)

Rachel said...

Ann - It's at Great World City top floor, next to the movie theatre; Colettee.

the little prince - I guess once u start bringing them out often, they always look forward to the next time.

Tona - Project no.2 will still be on hold until I start to forget abt the difficult 1st year of the baby :)
As for our playdates, guess we will need to wait until the next school hols, since Kimi has already started school. Hope we can meet up tis time round.