February 9, 2010

Pain tolerance - Quite low

“Don’t touch me, it hurts.” Kyle whined when dh touched his leg while sitting next to him on the bed.

K got his first scrape on his shin when he fell this evening, while hitting some golf balls downstairs with his new golf clubs. He was all teary when he came back upstairs with the graze on his leg, fussed a lot when I tried to clean the wound and placed the plaster on it. 10 minutes later, he was back downstairs running, hitting and picking up golf balls.

The whining started again when he got home and had to take his bath. After changing a fresh plaster for his wound, he started walking around the house with a limp. I asked him why he could not walk properly and he told me, “I don’t want the bandage to come out.” For the rest of the evening, he whined for help to climbing and getting down from the bed and chairs.

I nudged dh and told him, “K is quite a wuss when he is in pain. His behaviour is really quite familiar, isn’t it?”

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Rachel said...

Hey, Dylan's pain tolerance used to be extrememly low. haha he could whine for the longest time if he happen to have a cut on any part of his body. can whine till the cow comes home and remain standing in the bathroom, so resistance to get the wound washed.

but his tolerance level improves recently :) so at least now we no need to battle and talk sense with him. hee