February 9, 2010

No more milk bottles!

The process of weaning K off the bottle has turned out better than I expected. I tried rubbing ginger on the milk bottles’ teats the first night, but he surprised me by finishing 2 bottles of milk, complete with the ginger taste on teats, and went contentedly back to sleep. The next night, I made him go cold turkey without his night feeds and did not bother to continue with ginger on the teats. He complained for the 1st two nights, but finally gave up the fight and went back to sleep.

He is now drinking about 240ml of milk three times a day directly from a cup, and only drinks about a third of the quantity of milk that he used to. However the heartening thing is that he is less fussy when it comes to his main meals. eat

I should have realised from the start and wean him off the milk bottle much earlier. At least it would have reduce many of the battles that we had during his meal times. When I serve him his favorites like fishball, noodles (ramen especially), Chawanmushi, Xiao Long Bao, Pasta or Pizza, and he will be a co-operative tot at meal times.

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