January 25, 2010

Sometimes all we need is to press the reset button

Having a sick kid, sick dad and mom did not make our lives very interesting for the past one week. K prove to be the one with the strongest antibodies as he recovered in less than a week (that’s why I still stick to my insistence not to get him started on antibiotics), dh was heavily sedated through the last weekend, while I have been blowing endless streams of mucus from my nose since Wednesday. Thank goodness we are all better now.

Despite little hiccups like these, there is really so much in life to be thankful for.

Reading about the how people are going hungry around the world, suffering from the aftermath of a recent natural disaster or how lives are lost so tragically. Reminds me how fortunate I am.

Sometimes I get so busy that I tend to miss the small things. The small things can be so simple, yet I believe that we can still find happiness from these things if I made a conscious effort to notice it, appreciate and find joy in it. It really helps to look for simple things in our lives to be grateful for and to savor those things.


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the little prince said...

Totally agreed with u!!

We are so fortunate after all!!