January 12, 2010


Been testing the water these few days with this question, “Do you want to go to school?” To my horror, K’s answer is now “No”.

Knew it. His interest to go to school was purely on a whim. He now prefers to spend time with me in the morning, reading together, learning from new lapbooks, playing with his hoard of toys that he recently amassed from Christmas, going for our weekly nature walks or simply tagging along while I ran errands during certain weekday mornings. Don’t know if I should give myself a pat on the back for making home learning fun for K.

Looks like “School is great / wonderful and you will have lots of fun and friends” indoctrination needs to start a.s.a.p. I still don’t have the guts, determination or discipline to home-school K for all of his preschool years.


Karen said...

Do not worry about the child saying 'No' to school. It is not unusual. No matter how nice school is...even after many months....home is still a preferred choice for most children. It is a good thing home is still where they want to belong. I remember the thought of leaving home for school even during seconday school days gave me a little butterflies in the stomach as I really wanted to be with mommy more than school. :)

mamabliss said...

it is not too late to send him to school even when he reaches 4 or 5... academic work only starts around 5 in most schools...the pre-nursery/nursery levels incorporate more play than learning as i've observed... homelearning is definitely more fun and definitely more enriched than being in school :)

Tin said...

Don't worry, you still have one year to sweet-talk to him :)

You know what, I'm so tempted to withdraw Kai from school now and homeschool him for one year until next year when he goes to K1... not sure if this arrangement is good for him though... :(

Angeline said...

Oh Mommy, another 300+ days to go... who knows he might change his mind by then. *wink*

Jayne said...

That's normal. :-) Actually I think most preschools in Singapore are fun. At least they still do lots of learning through lots of play. Can't say the same about Primary schools. But I'm sure with his outgoing personality, he'll do well no matter when he starts school. :)

Rachel said...

Karen - I guess that is true for most children.

Pauline - Maybe I will look at the next half of 2010 or just wait till he turns 4. School can be good for some socialisation. For now, we are just doing home-learning at snail's pace.

Tin - Can give it a try, although I think home-learning needs alot of discipline, determination and time on our end. As for formal schooling, hang in there, even if Kai may seen rather resistant to school initially. May have to give him some more time to get used to the new routine.

Angeline - Almost another 1 year to go...I hope by mid year he will be all prepped up to start :)

Jayne - I am not worried in terms of socialisation, more concerned that he can't sit still to do structured learning. He is too free spirited and alot of what he does at home is very much child initiated and directed.

Nic said...

Hey Rachel, I think you are on the right track! You have been shaping him to be a little independent learner. As you have been making lessons so fun for K, he will develop a natural love for learning and when this foundation is set, any new thing will just ease in. He looks happy and bright. You sure deserve a pat :-)

Rachel said...

Nic - Thanks for your encouragement :) I do hope that he will fit in well with structured learning when time comes.

Rachel said...

you're doing great on homeschooling K!

does K goes to any playgroup or enrichment class? maybe having him attending one will help him to be more open to the idea of going to school. =)