December 22, 2009

Wishing for a rainbow

We are back to doing our alphabet activities this week. K started on the Letter R on the lapbook, we explored a food ingredient with chalk and did a rainbow craft. Coloured salt was a simple and fun craft to do and he was thrilled to have created an array of rainbow colours in the bottle.

One colour was missing in our rainbow colours, which was red. We could not create it with the chalk colours, it didn't really matter since K got the overall idea. So what are the colours of the rainbow? The lyrics of this song says it all;

Red and yellow and pink and green

Purple and orange and blue

I can see a rainbow, see a rainbow, sing a rainbow too!


He now knows how a rainbow looks like but have yet to see a real one. It rains so often in Singapore yet the sighting of rainbows are so few and far between. I think I have seen less than 5 rainbows in my 30 odd years. I am wishing that K will be able to catch a glimpse of a rainbow that hopefully will come our way during our nature walks, one of these days.

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Ing said...

This is fun! And beautiful. Didn't know we can create coloured salt like that. Thanks for sharing.