December 2, 2009

Meeting new friends and revisiting old ones

The last time Pauline and I met was a good 5 years ago. She was still working as a media planner and I was in brand management. We have came a long way since then, she's now a fantastic SAHM (brilliant @ homeschooling her children and a good cook) to two lovely kids, Timothy and Joyce.

It was a truly enjoyable session for K this morning, he got along really well with Tim (he has been telling me he wants a kor kor) and had a fabulous time at Atlantis City indoor playgym. As for me, I enjoyed a good catch up session with an old friend.


'Swimming' around the ball pit


Getting Tim to jump into the ball pit


Acquired a new milestone : He is finally able to cross the balance rope without any help, but with lots of encouragement from me. This was done only after shouting "Help, Mummy, me cannot do it," a couple of times.


Sat next to Tim during lunch and played 'crashing' toy cars.


Spontaneously held each other hands while making their way to the foyer

So looks like we will be seeing more of Atlantis city soon, as well as meeting up with Tim, Joyce and mummy Pauline!


Ing said...

Hi Rachel, I've an award for you over at my blog. :)

mamabliss said...

wow Rachel, those pix were great!!! :)

I had a good time catching up with you too... lets make it a date to meet more often! :)

Rachel said...

Ing - Thanks :) I feel honoured to be receive this award from u.

Pauline - THanks for the compliments on the pix. So, are u tempted to get a prosumer cam for yourself soon? :)

Definitely, would love to meet up for the kids to play and more chit chat sessions for us!