December 29, 2009

Green fingers maybe?

“Is there fountain?” was the question that Kyle continually asked me in the car when we were on the way to the plant nursery. He absolutely loves water fountains and waterfalls, and often asks if he will be able to see one whenever we go for our nature outings.

This morning’s field trip to the plant nursery tied in with our lesson plan for ‘The Carrot Seed’. I told him yesterday that we will go to the nursery to buy some flower pots, soil and seeds to plant our first vegetable, just like the little boy in the book.


K saw a cactus and he was so intrigued by the thorns on the plant.


While we were walking around the nursery, I was so tempted to get more plants for the home but realised that I have never tried growing my own plants (unless mung beans can be qualified as a plant), and these plants could likely die in my hands.

He climbed into a garden swing by himself.


We finally got what we needed and went home to plant our first spring onion plant.


Looking forward to see the seeds germinate in the next one week. Now when I ask K, “What does the plant need to grow?” He can tell me, “Soil, water, sun and air.”


KoLe said...

Happy New Year to you and your family

Rachel said...

Hi Kole,
A happy new year to you, Rae, and all at home too! May 2010 be a fantastic year 4 u :)

mamabliss said...

hee... the plant also needs lots of love to grow :) have fun!

Merryn said...

ahh.. nice.. learnt simple science at a very tender age :D

Rachel said...

Hmm, I'm one who doesn't have any green fingers. so I decide better not to bring any plant home and attempt to grow them.

Hope to see some green in your home in a week or 2!

Have a joyful 2010!

Angeline said...

clever boy!!
how well a plant grows depend on the care taker. *wink*
Let's wait and see, if he truly has green fingers... *Smile*

Here's Wishing you and your wonderful family an Awesome, Laughable and Healthy 2010!!!

Karen said...

Hi Rachel

Wishing you a your family A Happy New Year. Time flies and that means our children are growing fast too. :)


Jayne said...

Hhi Rachel, Happy New Year to you! Saw that you are doing the book "The Carrot Seed". You probably already know about this website but just wanna share with you - (Week 30) - We love the audio of "The Carrot Seed" there a lot! Have fun! :-)

Rachel said...

Pauline - Yeah, u reminded me about the TLC tat the plants need, except I am not that good with that. Hopefully it survives :)

Merryn - simple and enjoyable science that a tot can understand. Learning is the best when they are actively involved in the experience.

Rachel - A happy 2010 to you too. I am hoping that growing spring onions is almost as easy as mung beans :)

Rachel said...

Angeline - Kyle only knows how to water the plants...I have to remind him not to water too much most of the time. I will have to be the one providing the plants with TLC :)

Karen - so true...time flies and children really grow up too fast.

Jayne - A happy new year to you too! Kyle has heard the audio book from the website previously, but he still prefers the book tho'.