December 4, 2009

Family time


I figured that it was about time to make our 'Friends of the zoo' membership worthwhile, before it expires in 2 months. As dh had some time-off this morning, we took this opportunity to make a morning visit to the zoo.

Being a mom who is a stickler for routines, I always ensure that our visits last the most 3-4 hours and then head home for K to get his long afternoon nap, after having lunch at the zoo. With that limited time each visit, the objectives to be achieved become extremely targeted. K will be posed this question, "What animal you want to see today?" And then we will just plan complusory stops along our route.


Each time when we are at the zoo, dh will make sure that I take that mandatory photograph of K and him with the otters, and then reminisce about the very first photograph that I took of them both in that same location. It's hard to believe that it has been barely 1 year 7 months ago, and our precious little bundle has grown to be this sociable toddler.


A trip to the zoo will not be complete without a visit to waterplay area. Especially since K is such a huge fan of water play, I thought I should not deprive him of enjoying some splashing good fun just because I am not too willing to get myself wet. Thus, dh was assigned the task of accompanying K in and around the area.


K had a short 40 minutes experience in waterplay, before a downpour came and we settled for a greasy fried chicken lunch. One of my gripes about the Singapore Zoo has to be the quality of food that is available. Apparently a visit to the zoo usually means we have to end up with a not too appetising lunch. My junk food addict (hb) obviously did not mind one bit, although he did complain afterwards about how this brand of fried chicken has a tendency to make him quite sick after the food settles in the stomach.


Nevermind the food, it was the company that mattered. I am sure K enjoyed the family time together, although he got slightly feverish in the evening. Somehow, his antibodies has this tendency to work overtime after a session of waterplay. Time to load up on some vitamin C.

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