December 1, 2009


K told me that he wanted to do boxing and needed to remove his shirt. Then requested for boxing gloves. I found an alternative; his socks.

Then he performed a series of punches and kicks in the air, coupled with nifty footwork. Wearing only underpants, sans his t-shirt and socks on both hands. Only when u are below 5 years old, one can be semi-naked in a photo, and get away with it by looking cute.


I asked him later where he learnt about boxing (None of us at home watch boxing on TV). He told me, "On TV, Grand-dad was watching."


mummymeow said...

hi Rach,
that is the cutest picture. when he is older, he will be so shy knowing the whole world saw him semi naked!

Angeline said...

Grand-dad was watching??!
This is sooooooooo cute!!!
But seriously, if he really wants to get his feet into the ring in later years, would you allow?

Rachel said...

Sarah - Yeah..until then I still have license to upload these sort of pics :P

Angeline - Hmm...Tennis, swimming, golf or karate is still ok. Boxing is prob a bit dangerous for kids who still don't really know their limits.