December 10, 2009

Am I too loud for you?


I came to realised since a while back that I have a overly-enthusiastic, boisterous and dramatic kid. The good thing about it is that he can be really sociable, loves having company, warms up quickly to children his age and can strike a conversation with any child on the playground. If his friend is willing to hold his hand, sit next to him during meals and run around together, his friend easily becomes his most favorite mention the next couple of days.

When he is in the dramatic and show-off mode, even if this is the first time he has met the adult, he will have no qualms performing his latest move. Like wriggling his butt (Shakira-style) or show the difference between a shocked look (mouth agape, very much like the expression in the photo below), versus a surprised face (eyes wide with mouth shaped into a small ‘O’). So he does get rather entertaining to watch.

T3-2 With Timothy on T3's big musical ball

The not-so-good thing is that he tends to get really loud and dramatic at times and has a tendency to scare off kids who are a little quieter. It’s quite strange how nature has this way of balancing things out, I used to be this quieter kid in school that stayed away from the boisterous ones.

I probably will not have to worry much about him being lonely when he goes to school. Although I just may get comments from school like, “Your kid talks too loudly” or “He cannot sit still” or maybe “He always talks to his friends and end up distracting them in class.”


Getting comfortable on the floor with his friends

Lately, I find myself becoming quite stern with him. K is looking for constraints, yet at the same time resents them intensely. When he gets difficult, he can get extremely difficult. When he is at his best of behaviour, I just wonder if I am this cruel parent who tends to get overly harsh on him. It’s an age of incredible extremes. Yet, it is a wonderful time, as he is so full of this spontaneous enthusiasm and affection.

Not matter how tough it does get on some days, I am still extremely thankful to God that I am able to see my child learning, growing, enjoying the company of his friends, interacting and having fun with unbridled spontaneity. After almost one and a half years of being a SAHM, there is still nothing I miss about working in the corporate world. I will not trade this for anything in the world.

Even for those days when he tends to get a little too loud.


Playing with Timothy and Joyce at the viewing gallery


Mama Bliss said...

beautiful pictures! Everyone of them tells a story the journalistic style I always like hee...

yes, indeed, it's a privilege to grow and learn together with our children... enjoyed the trip with you and K today, I'm very sure Tim & Little Missy think likewise :)

See you and K soon!

Rachel said...

Thanks Pauline! Will prob have more pics uploaded, if not for over-exposure in some of the shots taken @ viewing gallery :(