November 30, 2009

Strange emotions

It started right after when K finished his slice of dh's birthday cake, I played a CD with Christmas music and K wanted to dance along to the music. When dh took my hand and told K that he wanted to give him a demo to show him how to slow dance to the music, K started getting upset and insisted...

K : Only mummy dance with me
Dh carried him, then held my hand
Dh : Family can dance together
K got more upset, started crying
K : Don't want family
Dh tried to get him to explain why he said "don't want family," K was crying through this whole conversation.
K : Only want mummy, don't want family. Daddy go to work, I want mummy only
Dh : Don't you love daddy?
K : Don't love daddy

By this time, Dh got quite sadden by K's remarks, so he asked K again
Dh : Daddy, mummy and you are in one family, we love one another
K : Sad family

K cried harder
M : Why did you say sad family? Mummy and daddy love you alot, you know?
K : Daddy always go to work
M : Don't you miss daddy?
K : I want daddy to go to work
At this moment, we both realised that K (being upset) purposely said the opposite what he wanted and this meant that dh did not spend enough time with him and he wanted to spend more time with his dad
Dh : Don't you like it like today, we went out and spend time together
K : Yes (still sobbing)
Dh : Don't you love daddy?

K was crying even harder
K : Yes
K turned to dh and went into his arms
K : Daddy don't go to work
Dh : Daddy needs to go to work as we need money for this home
M : Daddy will spend more time with you ok?
K : Yes (still sobbing)

I really didn't know how to react when I witnessed this that transpired in front of me, I was laughing and crying at the same time (being a mother does make me such an emotional wreck at times). It was so strange to hear a 2+ year old expressing that sort of emotion and sensitivity, yet I felt quite moved by it.

Come to think of it, I am quite certain that the birthday cake that K ate had some pear liquer in it. So it's true that when a person gets drunk, you lose your inhibitions and tend to get emotional, even for a 2 year old.



Merryn said...

he's not drunk lah. He's smart! :D

Ing said...

So touching... I think Kyle is not being emotional. He is just missing his Daddy and expressing it the only way a 2-year-old knows how to.

Nic said...

Will also like to say opposite things when in such a mood. Thanks for sharing, it was a touching post and I absolutely understand why it broght tears to your eyes...

Rachel said...

Merryn - Still a little drunk :) First time that we have seen him act this way.

Ing - Drunk people also tends to state the truth. Need to read fine print when choosing cakes the next time.

Nic - Maybe it is their way of denying their true feelings? Or I might just have a SNAG here...