November 22, 2009

Mummy go away

K : Go away Mummy
M : Do u need my help?
K : No need, go...go mummy, smelly
M : Call me when u you are done, ok?
K : Ok...go mummy

Except for the occasional, "Mummy, want to change book." K has decided he wants to use the toilet for his 'big business' and has started becoming self-conscious about it. I managed to sneak this shot of him sitting on the toilet bowl, engrossed in his book.



Angeline said...

hey hey, that's a great start to the toilet-reading habit! *wink*
(which is the Only time I have nowadays to read 'my' books)

mamabliss said...

hahaha Tim did that to me (ie. chase me out of the toilet when he needed to poo) when he was around Kyle's age too... :)