November 4, 2009

Midway into the last quarter of 2009


We are already into November! Time seemed to have flown by unusually fast this year, I can't believe that we are less than 2 months away from Christmas. Note to self : have to draft the Christmas shopping list, start buying 1-2 gifts per week so I don't get caught up in the Christmas rush.

I am still letting K take teeny weeny baby steps in his homeschool lessons, in fact we have only done 2 alphabets since we started more than 2 weeks ago. That's how slow we are going! He has been busy with unstructured activities for this week...mostly doing messy art and lots of play. He is having so much fun, till it has been quite difficult to convince him stop what he is doing to take his nap in the afternoons, brush his teeth or even go to bed at night.


Nic said...

hey Rachel,
I notice your pics are very vibrant recently - your new camera must be good, ya? :-)

Rachel said...

Hi Nic,
Love my new cam so far, it's a Ricoh GR3; sleek and with a fantastic lens, worth the investment. Plus don't need to be a great photographer to take not bad pics :)

Nic said...

Would love to change my camera as I now start to have "higher expectation" of my photos...but that'll have to wait... :-)

tona-mama said...


Tks for visiting my blog! Love your blog and what u do my K, inspiring!

Hey, we should hook up so the boys can play tog and we can exxhange notes on lapbooking, parenting, etc, etc!

So happy to meet another mom who enjoys home-learning too!

You can drop me a mail at

Love your pix too!!! :)

How muchie the Ricoh camera? :)

Angeline said...

You've got him 'addicted' to your 'programmes' *giggle* That's fantastic!!!
Well done Mommy!

Rachel said...

Thanks for dropping by. Also thanks for the compliments on the pixs. The ricoh GR3 is a manual cam tat I got for 900+ SGD. A little pricey, as u pay for the good lens on the cam. Some people rather get a Lumix LX3 or Canon powershot or 450/500 series for the price. But it's worth the price as the ricoh is the most compact and lightest among the lot. Hard to carry a huge camera when I have a 2 year old who will be jus be as obsessed over the cam.

Angeline - I have learnt that a busy tot is a happy tot :)