November 25, 2009

A jolly good time


We were planning to watch the evening omnimax show @ the Science Centre, but as traffic to Jurong in the evenings are rather daunting, we ended up meeting up with mei mei Raeann and her mom Ermin, in town. The mummies squeezed in some catching up, a little bit of window shopping and a good dinner. While the little ones had lots of fun messing around with the toys in the shops and chasing each other all around.


It is so nice to see the tots thoroughly enjoying one another's company and having so much fun. They even had colour-coordinated outfits (totally unplanned); christmas colours, so apt for the season. Looking as if they were all ready to bring on the Christmas cheer and lots of noise to people in the mall.


K has become extremely sociable since turning 2, always telling me that he wants to meet his friends or go to their house to play (for a child, toys which don't belong to you are usually more intriguing). In fact, just a few days ago when we walked past a NTUC childcare, he caught a glimpse of the children in the classroom from outside the window and told me he wanted to go to school. And since that day, he has been telling me that he wants to go to school.

Sounds like he may be ready to start school soon. But just in case this interest is on a whim, school will not become a routine until after the 2nd quarter of 2010.

So as to keep K contented, it will just be more playdates for him to come.


4malmal said...

I can so feel the holiday season from your site and I love it! so glad that my confinement is finally over! yippee :)
have a jolly good time!

Angeline said...

Playdates are so fun!!!
And they have the same kind of smiles... aaawwww....

Rachel said...

4malmal - Marcus is already more than 1 month old? Wow, how time flies!

Angeline - I love playdates, especially when the little ones really enjoy each other's company and mummies can chat. Been really blessed to meet n get along so well with a couple of SAHMs, when we meet up for playdates.