November 20, 2009

It's beginning to feel like Christmas...

It has been raining every single day since November 11 (Yes, I have made that mental note each time it rains). Whenever it rains, it just reminds me how near we are to Christmas and that this is my 2nd Christmas as a SAHM. No plans to change this status as I am enjoying it too much to ever want to go back to work.

I am so glad that I have the advantage of beating the crowds on the weekends and be able to do all of my Christmas shopping on a weekday. I have just ended the frentic race to buy Christmas presents. Really early this year, as I so do not enjoy the experience of hanging out at malls and jostling with the crowds doing last minute shopping.

So nice to be able to relax with dh and k at a mall on a friday morning. Taking our time to enjoy a slow lunch and dessert, without having to queue up for food or wait for seats. Dh and I absolutely abhor crowds, so you will hardly see us at a mall in town on a weekend, unless one of us needs to get something urgently. We will rather be in our shorts+t-shirt+flip flops dropping by at our neighbourhood mall for lunch or dinner.

After reading a feature on this new fast food restaurant, which has been voted as the best in New York, dh was curious enough to want to make a trip down to ION Orchard to try it out. Dh's review? Not bad, quite crispy and appetising, most apt for the american taste buds as the soy sauce chicken tasted a tad too sweet. Very much like sweet and sour pork dish that is served in most chinese restaurants in an European country, that is always a little too sweet on our taste buds.


Holding on the tag @ 4 fingers, which will light up when the food is ready for collection


For K, any meal in town will not be complete without dessert. So he patiently waited...


And waited...

Finally it was here, all 3 flavours. Coconut for dh, who is extremely consistent when it comes to his preferred gelato flavour. Apple flavour for me as I am the fickered-minded gelato consumer who usually goes with whatever I feel like for that day. And for K, another consistent epicurean when it comes to ice cream, it will be vanilla flavour for him. Except that the 'vanilla-like' flavour in this gelatarie was too milky so I chose another flavour that I was certain that he would like. When he tasted the hazelnut flavoured gelato, he exclaimed, "Like kinderjoy!" (his favorite egg-shaped chocolate that comes with a toy).


He is so thrilled that daddy is able to spend the afternoon with him and the highlight of the day was surely the gelato, as he does not get to eat ice cream when he goes out with me.


Rare photos of me with K. Such is the life of the self-appointed family photographer, who is always behind the lens. But I am not complaining, for I get to be the one who selects the ones that get on my blog. So there will hardly be one that is uploaded with me displaying a bad hair/smile day :)

Anyhow, I am in the mood for Christmas...planning to get the decor up at home, so as to get everyone else in the same mood, wrap up all the presents and looking forward to bake up a storm soon in my kitchen.

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