November 14, 2009

Dinner with the family

A dinner get-together for an 'early' birthday celebration for the November birthday boys; dh and Uncle Nick.


Dinner at Aston's Prime, almost everyone had steak, while I had to settle for a grilled Halibut because of my bad throat; I was stuck with having the soft, greasy fish that was totally not appetising :(

The kid's meal that K requested for; chicken tenders, was far from being tender. Little effort was made on Aston's to ensure that the kids meal looked or tasted good. This will most likely be my first and last time at Astons. The saving grace was definitely the company and endless entertainment from dear K.


We proceeded to Orchard Central after dinner in search of dessert and K got a pretty good view of the Christmas lights from the long escalator located on the side facade of the mall.


Great photo opportunities with grand-dad as they did their super-hero poses.


K was thrilled (as always) when he got hold of Yiyi's iphone, surely he is a technophile in the making.


Photo-ops with Nana, Uncle Nick and Uncle Ed.

We decided to go with Gelera ice cream for dessert, K was thrilled with this choice. When we were selecting the flavours at the ice cream bar, he cast hopeful glances towards me, hoping he could have some of the ice cream. I nodded my head and he flashed me a huge grin.


He sure enjoyed himself while savouring the ice cream and showed off his dramatic displays of appreciation for it.


the little prince said...

Lovely gathering..Rachel you look so great!!

Love the last photo..Kyle truly excited with his ice cream ya!

Rachel said...

the little prince - I am not in any of the pics, that's my sis :)