November 25, 2009


I have been deliberating alot these couple of days. This happens to me alot when we are near to the closing of a year.

Thinking about whether I can do without a helper at home. Usually most people get better on the job with more experience, but it does not happen with my helper. She is probably too distracted about things with her own children in her hometown to listen to what I have to say. Like I cannot fathom how 'Marcaroni' can sound like 'Char Kway Teow.' Then when I say that she needs to listen carefully, she gives me attitude like as if I am the one who said the wrong thing in the first place. Lately, there have been lots of mistakes and lots of attitude from her. I really wonder who needs this arrangement more, her or I?

Will be possible for me to do without a helper at home? She does relieved alot of K's basic caregiving and the household chores. And I do pity her as she is a single mother and needs the income. I will probably keep her till her contract ends in 2011, so I just have to be more tolerant, start to be less dependent on her help and start teaching K to be more independent from now on.

So as to ensure that K learns to be less dependent on the helper, I will have to start looking for alternatives to keep K busy in the day time. Homeschooling works out well for some days, but not for most. Generally K only does these sessions once or twice a week. Most other times, he just want to do pretend play with things that he is familiar with, play with his toys or meet up his friends. K is becoming quite a sociable child as he enjoys the company of other children his age.

So the next easier alternative to start K with pre-nursery next year, the most twice a week. I figured that this will be a good introduction to having to attend school regularly. Still a little apprehensive about starting school, as he has little interest for structured activities and I am concerned that he will imitate bad habits/behaviour from other children. Besides, I have come to a conclusion that preschool is generally catered to the girls in class or quiet and compliant boys. As most of them have little problems doing seatwork; concentrating on activities like craft, colouring, worksheets, etc.

I am still looking for the ideal one that has play-based programme and can give him a jump-start in learning mandarin. Still making a point to speak mandarin to him at home, however I find myself lapsing back into English which I am more comfortable speaking. So looks like I have got to get more quality chinese books for him.

As for my future plans to have another child? I am still keeping it for a maybe future, as I know I am not mentally prepared for another huge responsibility. Haven't quite forgotten the trauma of my previous pregnancy (my pregnancy with K was not an easy one, was hospitalised 3x during the 36.5 weeks), as well as the challenge of taking care of an infant in the first year. Besides I know with the arrival of a second one, there will be some time sacrificed with K. So baby number 2 has to wait. Like what K says when dh asks him if he wants a mei mei or didi, "Me older first." Besides I need another excuse when K gets older, to not to go back to work :)

So what will be keeping me busy on those days when K goes to school? Suppose it will be more me-time to read, surf the net, explore new recipes and study the bible (maybe enrolling myself in BSF or getting involve in my church's women ministry?)

Well, 2010 will likely be a year of new beginnings for K and myself.


Merryn said...

Well.. I'm not having number two anytime soon neither. It's just too.. err.. how shud I say it? ha ha.. If only I can get one and instantly the baby will be two years old.. bliss.. :D

Karen said...

Hi Rachel

I believe as K is older now, doing without the helper may not be bad idea. For chores and all, I feel that part-time maids are good enough to handle it.

About structured and set-down work,I feel that pre-nursery is a good start for them. Ethan never like structured work either. I can hardly get him to sit down and do stringing, puzzles, colouring etc when he was younger. However, in school, he learnt to comply to rules, learnt to work independently, learnt to focus better. Generally, I thought pre-nursery and preschool will do them good. With us, they always behave differently. So at least, they learn to do some structured activities in school and when they are home, they can play with their favourite toys. In fact, I think right here is Singapore, even preschools that advocate learning through play still has a fair bit of focus on structured learning which I personally feel beneficial for young children in many ways. :)

Ann* said...

i cope pretty well with a part time helper.. and i'm planning to have my 2nd one.

structured work did my daughter great.. but she's a quiet kid even compared to other girls..

Rachel said...

Merryn - if only things can happen that way :) I prob will have more children.

Karen - So many moms without maids have told me that. I guess it will definitely get easier when K goes to school.
I suppose for free-spirited kids like Ethan and Kyle, they need to get some structure and learn to follow rules in school. Still looking out for the ideal preschool. Might just end up enrolling him into a kindy after Jul 2010 to attend school from 5 days a week.

Ann - I generally think that housework is a waste of time so I prob will end up with alot of part time help in the end. I am not so capable, in terms of being able to juggling chores n a new baby. If ever the second child comes along, I will end up getting a maid again to help out, until the child goes to school.

Ann* said...

lol.. i don't think i'm that good at juggling. its more of not wanting another woman (or stranger) in my home. that's all.