November 30, 2009

Strange emotions

It started right after when K finished his slice of dh's birthday cake, I played a CD with Christmas music and K wanted to dance along to the music. When dh took my hand and told K that he wanted to give him a demo to show him how to slow dance to the music, K started getting upset and insisted...

K : Only mummy dance with me
Dh carried him, then held my hand
Dh : Family can dance together
K got more upset, started crying
K : Don't want family
Dh tried to get him to explain why he said "don't want family," K was crying through this whole conversation.
K : Only want mummy, don't want family. Daddy go to work, I want mummy only
Dh : Don't you love daddy?
K : Don't love daddy

By this time, Dh got quite sadden by K's remarks, so he asked K again
Dh : Daddy, mummy and you are in one family, we love one another
K : Sad family

K cried harder
M : Why did you say sad family? Mummy and daddy love you alot, you know?
K : Daddy always go to work
M : Don't you miss daddy?
K : I want daddy to go to work
At this moment, we both realised that K (being upset) purposely said the opposite what he wanted and this meant that dh did not spend enough time with him and he wanted to spend more time with his dad
Dh : Don't you like it like today, we went out and spend time together
K : Yes (still sobbing)
Dh : Don't you love daddy?

K was crying even harder
K : Yes
K turned to dh and went into his arms
K : Daddy don't go to work
Dh : Daddy needs to go to work as we need money for this home
M : Daddy will spend more time with you ok?
K : Yes (still sobbing)

I really didn't know how to react when I witnessed this that transpired in front of me, I was laughing and crying at the same time (being a mother does make me such an emotional wreck at times). It was so strange to hear a 2+ year old expressing that sort of emotion and sensitivity, yet I felt quite moved by it.

Come to think of it, I am quite certain that the birthday cake that K ate had some pear liquer in it. So it's true that when a person gets drunk, you lose your inhibitions and tend to get emotional, even for a 2 year old.


Another birthday for K

Dh requested for Teppenyaki and we decided on Shima @ Goodwood Park Hotel. He had his fill of beef teppenyaki, while I stuffed myself with salmon sashimi and K loved the salmon teppenyaki and miso soup. We were all 'afflicted' with garlic breath for the rest of the day, but it was well worth it for we had a wonderful lunch.


Both wore the disposable bib given by the restaurant and and went to see the fishes in the tank outside its premises.


The last time we had a teppenyaki meal was when K was about 1 year old. He was rather fascinated when he watched the chef whip up our meal in full view.


No meal will be complete without dessert, and for K, it has to be vanilla ice cream.


No, it's not his birthday today. But according to K, anyone from the family who celebrates his/her birthday will need to share their birthday with him. Which includes, allowing him steal the limelight and giving him the full responsibility of blowing the birthday candle.

Happy birthday my dear hubby Keith...K and I love you lots!

November 27, 2009

Ready, set, Bake! - Pistachio Cookies


Our bake fest has begun!

I recently got this book, 1001 Cupcakes, Cakes and other tempting treats from the Borders sale (30% off for Borders members) and this is the first recipe that K and I have baked; Pistachio cookies. I am planning to bake at least one to two recipes a week from this book, and possibly more leading up to Christmas.


An easy and scrumptious bake, here's the recipe:

Pistachio cookies copy

November 25, 2009

A jolly good time


We were planning to watch the evening omnimax show @ the Science Centre, but as traffic to Jurong in the evenings are rather daunting, we ended up meeting up with mei mei Raeann and her mom Ermin, in town. The mummies squeezed in some catching up, a little bit of window shopping and a good dinner. While the little ones had lots of fun messing around with the toys in the shops and chasing each other all around.


It is so nice to see the tots thoroughly enjoying one another's company and having so much fun. They even had colour-coordinated outfits (totally unplanned); christmas colours, so apt for the season. Looking as if they were all ready to bring on the Christmas cheer and lots of noise to people in the mall.


K has become extremely sociable since turning 2, always telling me that he wants to meet his friends or go to their house to play (for a child, toys which don't belong to you are usually more intriguing). In fact, just a few days ago when we walked past a NTUC childcare, he caught a glimpse of the children in the classroom from outside the window and told me he wanted to go to school. And since that day, he has been telling me that he wants to go to school.

Sounds like he may be ready to start school soon. But just in case this interest is on a whim, school will not become a routine until after the 2nd quarter of 2010.

So as to keep K contented, it will just be more playdates for him to come.


I have been deliberating alot these couple of days. This happens to me alot when we are near to the closing of a year.

Thinking about whether I can do without a helper at home. Usually most people get better on the job with more experience, but it does not happen with my helper. She is probably too distracted about things with her own children in her hometown to listen to what I have to say. Like I cannot fathom how 'Marcaroni' can sound like 'Char Kway Teow.' Then when I say that she needs to listen carefully, she gives me attitude like as if I am the one who said the wrong thing in the first place. Lately, there have been lots of mistakes and lots of attitude from her. I really wonder who needs this arrangement more, her or I?

Will be possible for me to do without a helper at home? She does relieved alot of K's basic caregiving and the household chores. And I do pity her as she is a single mother and needs the income. I will probably keep her till her contract ends in 2011, so I just have to be more tolerant, start to be less dependent on her help and start teaching K to be more independent from now on.

So as to ensure that K learns to be less dependent on the helper, I will have to start looking for alternatives to keep K busy in the day time. Homeschooling works out well for some days, but not for most. Generally K only does these sessions once or twice a week. Most other times, he just want to do pretend play with things that he is familiar with, play with his toys or meet up his friends. K is becoming quite a sociable child as he enjoys the company of other children his age.

So the next easier alternative to start K with pre-nursery next year, the most twice a week. I figured that this will be a good introduction to having to attend school regularly. Still a little apprehensive about starting school, as he has little interest for structured activities and I am concerned that he will imitate bad habits/behaviour from other children. Besides, I have come to a conclusion that preschool is generally catered to the girls in class or quiet and compliant boys. As most of them have little problems doing seatwork; concentrating on activities like craft, colouring, worksheets, etc.

I am still looking for the ideal one that has play-based programme and can give him a jump-start in learning mandarin. Still making a point to speak mandarin to him at home, however I find myself lapsing back into English which I am more comfortable speaking. So looks like I have got to get more quality chinese books for him.

As for my future plans to have another child? I am still keeping it for a maybe future, as I know I am not mentally prepared for another huge responsibility. Haven't quite forgotten the trauma of my previous pregnancy (my pregnancy with K was not an easy one, was hospitalised 3x during the 36.5 weeks), as well as the challenge of taking care of an infant in the first year. Besides I know with the arrival of a second one, there will be some time sacrificed with K. So baby number 2 has to wait. Like what K says when dh asks him if he wants a mei mei or didi, "Me older first." Besides I need another excuse when K gets older, to not to go back to work :)

So what will be keeping me busy on those days when K goes to school? Suppose it will be more me-time to read, surf the net, explore new recipes and study the bible (maybe enrolling myself in BSF or getting involve in my church's women ministry?)

Well, 2010 will likely be a year of new beginnings for K and myself.

November 22, 2009

The Robot

The robot from Rachel T on Vimeo.

Mummy go away

K : Go away Mummy
M : Do u need my help?
K : No need, go...go mummy, smelly
M : Call me when u you are done, ok?
K : Ok...go mummy

Except for the occasional, "Mummy, want to change book." K has decided he wants to use the toilet for his 'big business' and has started becoming self-conscious about it. I managed to sneak this shot of him sitting on the toilet bowl, engrossed in his book.


November 20, 2009

It's beginning to feel like Christmas...

It has been raining every single day since November 11 (Yes, I have made that mental note each time it rains). Whenever it rains, it just reminds me how near we are to Christmas and that this is my 2nd Christmas as a SAHM. No plans to change this status as I am enjoying it too much to ever want to go back to work.

I am so glad that I have the advantage of beating the crowds on the weekends and be able to do all of my Christmas shopping on a weekday. I have just ended the frentic race to buy Christmas presents. Really early this year, as I so do not enjoy the experience of hanging out at malls and jostling with the crowds doing last minute shopping.

So nice to be able to relax with dh and k at a mall on a friday morning. Taking our time to enjoy a slow lunch and dessert, without having to queue up for food or wait for seats. Dh and I absolutely abhor crowds, so you will hardly see us at a mall in town on a weekend, unless one of us needs to get something urgently. We will rather be in our shorts+t-shirt+flip flops dropping by at our neighbourhood mall for lunch or dinner.

After reading a feature on this new fast food restaurant, which has been voted as the best in New York, dh was curious enough to want to make a trip down to ION Orchard to try it out. Dh's review? Not bad, quite crispy and appetising, most apt for the american taste buds as the soy sauce chicken tasted a tad too sweet. Very much like sweet and sour pork dish that is served in most chinese restaurants in an European country, that is always a little too sweet on our taste buds.


Holding on the tag @ 4 fingers, which will light up when the food is ready for collection


For K, any meal in town will not be complete without dessert. So he patiently waited...


And waited...

Finally it was here, all 3 flavours. Coconut for dh, who is extremely consistent when it comes to his preferred gelato flavour. Apple flavour for me as I am the fickered-minded gelato consumer who usually goes with whatever I feel like for that day. And for K, another consistent epicurean when it comes to ice cream, it will be vanilla flavour for him. Except that the 'vanilla-like' flavour in this gelatarie was too milky so I chose another flavour that I was certain that he would like. When he tasted the hazelnut flavoured gelato, he exclaimed, "Like kinderjoy!" (his favorite egg-shaped chocolate that comes with a toy).


He is so thrilled that daddy is able to spend the afternoon with him and the highlight of the day was surely the gelato, as he does not get to eat ice cream when he goes out with me.


Rare photos of me with K. Such is the life of the self-appointed family photographer, who is always behind the lens. But I am not complaining, for I get to be the one who selects the ones that get on my blog. So there will hardly be one that is uploaded with me displaying a bad hair/smile day :)

Anyhow, I am in the mood for Christmas...planning to get the decor up at home, so as to get everyone else in the same mood, wrap up all the presents and looking forward to bake up a storm soon in my kitchen.

November 18, 2009

Friend n Fish


I am really starting to appreciate the 'ulu-ness' of my address, which is in the vicinity of the Singapore Zoo and just a short drive to numerous nature parks and farms. This time round, K met up with Theo and we visited Qian Hu Fish Farm. Theo's mum, Sharon, who is a mummy blogger as well, coincidentally live in the same estate as we do.

K attempted 'longkang' fishing for the first time, but that didn't retain his interest for too long, as the fishes were darting around the pond too quickly. He got a little de-motivated when he only managed to catch a fish after 20 minutes. He much preferred to feed the koi in the nearby pond, and it was quite a sight to see the koi scrambling on top on one another to get to the food.


Overall review of the farm? Great for fish lovers, especially with its good variety of different breeds of fishes in tanks. 'Longkang' fishing experience will be more fun for the little ones only if they are able to get their feet wet in the 'longkang' (i.e., Bottletree Park in Sembawang). For a similar fish feeding experience with better landscaping, Hort Park will be a better option.

November 14, 2009

Dinner with the family

A dinner get-together for an 'early' birthday celebration for the November birthday boys; dh and Uncle Nick.


Dinner at Aston's Prime, almost everyone had steak, while I had to settle for a grilled Halibut because of my bad throat; I was stuck with having the soft, greasy fish that was totally not appetising :(

The kid's meal that K requested for; chicken tenders, was far from being tender. Little effort was made on Aston's to ensure that the kids meal looked or tasted good. This will most likely be my first and last time at Astons. The saving grace was definitely the company and endless entertainment from dear K.


We proceeded to Orchard Central after dinner in search of dessert and K got a pretty good view of the Christmas lights from the long escalator located on the side facade of the mall.


Great photo opportunities with grand-dad as they did their super-hero poses.


K was thrilled (as always) when he got hold of Yiyi's iphone, surely he is a technophile in the making.


Photo-ops with Nana, Uncle Nick and Uncle Ed.

We decided to go with Gelera ice cream for dessert, K was thrilled with this choice. When we were selecting the flavours at the ice cream bar, he cast hopeful glances towards me, hoping he could have some of the ice cream. I nodded my head and he flashed me a huge grin.


He sure enjoyed himself while savouring the ice cream and showed off his dramatic displays of appreciation for it.

November 13, 2009

K's talk : Adult


K : I am a adult
Me : Oh you are not an adult yet, you are a child or a kid now. You only become an adult when you are 21 years old. You want to be an adult?
K : Yes.
Me : Why do you want to be an adult now?
K : So that I can be tall.
It must be quite annoying seeing the world from his eye-level.

November 7, 2009


Doesn't really matter even if it has been raining every other day or that there isn't a pool to swim in. For K, there will always be another way you can go swimming.



November 4, 2009

Midway into the last quarter of 2009


We are already into November! Time seemed to have flown by unusually fast this year, I can't believe that we are less than 2 months away from Christmas. Note to self : have to draft the Christmas shopping list, start buying 1-2 gifts per week so I don't get caught up in the Christmas rush.

I am still letting K take teeny weeny baby steps in his homeschool lessons, in fact we have only done 2 alphabets since we started more than 2 weeks ago. That's how slow we are going! He has been busy with unstructured activities for this week...mostly doing messy art and lots of play. He is having so much fun, till it has been quite difficult to convince him stop what he is doing to take his nap in the afternoons, brush his teeth or even go to bed at night.