October 11, 2009

A Sunday Wedding

"Whose wedding?" K was asking me this question when I reminded him this morning that we had a wedding to attend this afternoon.

"Why get married?" was his next question. After giving him a lengthy explanation why a man and woman marry, he asked me, "Why mommy no wedding?" I told him that mommy and daddy already married, so no need to have a wedding. Thank goodness he did not go on to ask why he did not attend our wedding, why he wasn't born yet, etc. It will probably be quite a challenge to explain the 'birds and the bees' to a 2 year old! I will rather reserve that for when he turns 4 or 5.

He was rather satified with my answers to his question and then went on to fuss for another 20 minutes. He did not want to wear a pink shirt and he was adamant that "Pink for girls only." After convincing him that boys can wear pink and that he looked very handsome in his shirt, I changed him into his outfit for the afternoon and we scrambled out of the house.

He was thrilled when we met Grand-dad, Nana, Yiyi and Uncle Nick at my cousin's Melissa's wedding at Rasa Sentosa hotel. With all the attention he was getting from them, he did not mind the heat as much. He just wasn't too keen too pose for pictures, as I only got to capture him with his pouty expressions.


With Yiyi who is pretty in pink


Looking at the crowd with uncle Nick


Getting some respite from the heat with Grand-dad, enjoying the sea breeze


Taking in the view of a waterfall, one of his favorite past-time when we are outdoors



Looking all flushed-cheek after taking countless number of walks outside the ballroom

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