October 21, 2009

A splashing good time


After reading so much about the Marina Barrage's waterplay area from numerous mommies' blogs, I brought K to the barrage this morning to experience some water fun. He has been deprived of water play since we got back from our vacation in end August, as he has been having the cough for the past 4-5 weeks.

As K is an avid fan of water fountains, I am certain he will agree with me that Marina Barrage has one of the best waterplay areas in Singapore.


He had the wonderful company of friends (Seth and his older sister Faith)


Seth and K played goofy games like 'bumping our tummies',


flashed our cheeky grins,


and gazed at the big ships docked near the barrage.


When I asked if he enjoyed himself this morning, K said, "Fun, want to go swimming in barrage again."
The only downside of this excursion is that K caught a cold and he has started to have a runny nose and cough again! :( I have decided that we will give doctor's medicine a miss this time, as it only surpresses the symptoms and not provide a cure. Instead, I will be using some natural remedies such as Echinacea, garlic and vitamin C for a start. Hopefully, these will provide the boost for his antibodies to fight the flu naturally.


Angeline said...

*hands and legs up* AGREE!!!
My favourite hangout in Singapore!

Can see the kids truly enjoyed themselves from their BIG smiles... if only the 'ending' was cold-less, then it would have been PERFECT, won't it? *wink*

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Ing said...

Great to see K having fun at the barrage. It's also one of my kids' favourite places. Beautiful photos you've taken once again. Enjoyed looking at them, especially the cheery smiles on the kids' faces.

Hope K gets well soon! And then he can go there for waterplay again...

Rachel said...

Angeline - Already submitted. I see all the sidebars. Looks like many Spore kids love barrage, rare that we can find a public place with clean fountain water.

Ing - Thanks for the compliments on the pics :) Still learning to improve...