October 6, 2009

Picnic @ Hort

We woke up this morning to a light drizzle, so I told K that we will go for a picnic tomorrow. He let out a huge sigh and looked really disappointed, as he has been looking forward to a picnic since late last week.

So we decided to say a little prayer for good weather, and went ahead with our little excursion to Hort Park.

hort1 copy

Hort park; a gardening hub with neatly manicured landscapes, quaint water features and plenty of beautiful tropical plants and flowers. Probably the kind of urban garden I will want to have, if I had the patience to maintain it in my hypothetical landed property.

hort2 copy

The urban garden looks aesthetically pleasing at eye level, however the juxtaposition of backdrop of office buildings along Alexander Road felt a little jarring against the lush greenery of the park.

hort3 copy

I suppose it's just the idealist in me speaking. My concern sure didn't bug the insects anyhow, since we spotted plenty of butterflies, centipedes, dragonflies, beetles, which were thriving in the urban garden.

hort4 copy

The little guy 'caught' the photography bug from me, and was trigger happy clicking away with my old canon ixus.

hort6 copy

Every once in a while, he striked a dramatic pose for my camera

hort8 copy

We spotted a shady canopy with wooden chairs and decided that we will have the picnic there

hort9.1 copy

hort9.3 copy

hort7 copy

My little photographer spotted a centipede

hort9.5 copy

While walking back, we went into the Bamboo Labyrinth. The Bamboo Labyrinth is made up of a series of circular paths enclosed within a grove of bamboos. When he asked me what was that place for, I told him that people could do exercise and chi-gong there. He then striked a few kung fu poses, raised his arms for his chi-gong stance.

hort9.8 copy

We walked towards Alexander Arch and wanted to venture further to Henderson Waves, but turned back when the drizzle got heavier. K ended up feeding the fishes at the pond near the entrance of the Park.

hort9.9 copy

There was a periodic light drizzle the whole morning, but it sure didn't dampen our fun. In fact, we enjoyed the light cool breeze that accompanied the drizzle. It will otherwise be too humid and hot on a typical late morning.


Tin said...

Nice scenery! Thanks for introducing me to this park :)

Ing said...

Looks like a fun place! I've been there only once, but it was for a wedding, so I didn't explore that place. Love the photos you've taken. Especially like the one with the butterfly. What camera did you use?

Angeline said...

We were at the 'entrance' of Hort Park twice but never stepped in, now you have tempted me enough to get my feet on those green-grounds.

KoLe said...

What a poetic post!
and can see you are having fun with your toy. Nice captures!

Rachel said...

Ing - The beautiful landscape in Hort Park, makes photo-taking a breeze :) I am using a manual digital camera; Ricoh GR3. Got it only recently, still haven't learn to fully maximise its functions.

Tin, Angeline - It is worth paying a visit to the park. However, try not to go on a hot day though, there are few large trees, so u can get rather uncomfortable walking about.

Kole - *Blush* To be able to hear your compliments on my photos. Still have alot to learn from a more seasoned/skilled photographer like u :)

cendrine said...

I haven't been to Hort Park. Your photos made me wanted to go.