October 28, 2009

Oh bother!

That's probably what K has been thinking, since we started the process of toilet-training yesterday.

He's been finding ways to get out of it. First tries to convince me with, "I am still baby," when I told him that only baby wears diapers the whole day. Then attempts to sway me over with his reasoning when I ask him why does he still want to wear diapers, "Because, I am happy when I wear diapers." Then uses the other method of 'If all else fails, use a little white lie.' He tells me that he needs to pass motion and has to wear his diapers to do it. Then once he is back in his diapers, he scampers around the house for the next 15 minutes playing with his toys.

When I ask him he if he needs to go the toilet, he tells me "No need," and then proceeds to pee in his underpants 1 minute after.

And he is unusually impatient and irritable, which makes our home-learning these 2 days rather challenging for the teacher.

Jeez, he sure isn't the only one that thinks that this whole routine is a real bother.


Merryn said...

You know how I got rid of diapers from ethan? By singing the song, "shame, shame, all the monkey know ur name. Monkey call, ETHAN! Monkey call, ETHAN!"

Each time he wants to wear diapers or use the pacifier, i'll sing that song.. dat's how he stopped.. haha

Karen said...

For me, I got him a potty that sings and congratulate him when he pees or poos in it and he gets to flush it (with sound effects). It is shaped like our toilet bowl. It was really quite useful. He got a little more willing to do his business in it. However, some days he was still reluctant. But through the days, the frequency of him using the potty got better before he finally proceeded to the real toilet bowl. Lately, I get him to go pee before his afternoon nap so he can be off diapers as well. So now he uses one diaper a day for night time sleep. I must say it is certainly a huge relief on our pockets.

Ann* said...

Can't really helped you much on this.. I had the same struggles as you when my daughter was his age.. I put it off for a month or two and went back to it.. It was really much better in the progress. Constant asking would help.. But do not trust that they would tell you the truth.. Just ask + show them to the toilet irregardless of their answer.

Rachel said...

Merryn - U are lucky that Ethan did not react negatively to this. Kyle will probably tell me something like, "Yes I am monkey, I like monkey" and will never touch underpants ever for the next 3 years. No hurry, we are taking it slow. I don't want him to detest the process but be encouraged tat he is growing up to be a big boy and will not need to wear diapers eventually.

Karen - I tried a few mths back to get him started but he wasn't keen, so I took a break. Lately he started to show signs after his friend Seth is off diapers...so peer pressure do start from a very young age! I realise positive reinforcement + encouragement works better with Kyle. It's true that XXL size diapers are really getting ex.

Ann - U did the right thing to put it off and then re-visited it again. I think this process cannot be forced on a child, it will be quite clear to u when they are ready.