October 16, 2009

Why do bats hang upside down?

K has been asking me this question; why do bats hang upside down?

Unlike birds, bats have trouble flying when they start on the ground! Because their wings are not quite as strong as those of birds and because they cannot run fast enough to build up into flight, bats have an easier time flying when they start already up in the air!By hanging upside down, bats are able to build up enough speed that when they let go of their perch, they can turn that speed into flight! This is something special that bats are able to do, which is why other animals like monkeys who might also hang from perches can't fly away when they let go. For bats, hanging upside down also gives them more choice on where they can stop and rest, since it's unlikely any other bird or animal will already be sleeping in the same spot. Thanks to their special toenails, bats have a very easy time hanging around upside down!!
(from Whyy)

Being a parent does make you more knowleagable...

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