October 22, 2009

K's talk : Worse and Irresponsible

We were leaving the house to walk to our neighbourhood's mall. I unlocked the door and stood at the door to wait for K.
K : Wait for me
Me : Yes, I will wait for you. Put on your shoes.
K : Worse, people will catch u (I could hear that "You better be careful" tone in his voice)
Me : So you will protect me?
K : Yes (nodded his head with a sure and knowing look in his eyes)

In the lift on the way downstairs
K : (Pointed at the litter in the lift) Tsk, tsk...irresponsible...

Makes me wonder if he is really truly a 2 year old :)


Merryn said...

he is a 'genius' trapped in a two year old body! hahaha.. so clever!

Mamamie said...

So cute & mature at his age, u really taught him well. Good job!

Tin said...

He learns very fast, without u knowing!

Angeline said...

Hey hey, you've got a naturally-morally-right boy growing right beside you everyday.... *wink*
Lucky you!

KoLe said...

love your boy!
his words and behaviour are influenced by his parents :)
well done mummy :)