October 24, 2009

Fabulous learning fun

We officially re-started our letter activities this morning and F is our first letter to explore for the week.


The file folder activities in the lapbook were interesting enough to keep K's little hands and mind busy for almost 20 minutes. He even requested to do the worksheets from Get Ready for the Code A...I was so surprised that he could complete 9 pages in one sitting!

He went on to pretend to be a firefighter for the next 20 minutes. Used his yellow+red retro car as the firetruck, bicycle helmet as the firefighter's helmet and his yellow umbrella as the hose. He attentively listened to instructions from 'station control'-me, to find out where the fire was, then rode his truck fleetly from room to room to put out the 'fire'.



We continued with a food feast consisting of fishballs, fish and crabs for his mickey family,


And ended off a with a short 'freeze' game. (If video cannot be seen here, u need to install Flash 10 and click on the 1st video on the Vimeo widget located at the right sidebar)

Freeze! from Rachel T on Vimeo.

It was a fabulous saturday morning for me as I am extremely heartened that these activities worked out really well with K. I am so glad to see his positive response and enthusiasm for these activities and I am now truly motivated to make it his learning @ home even more meaningful in days to come.


Merryn said...

:) it's nice to see he is taking it all so well! he really is enjoying all of it and i see he is looking more n more like mommy each day! :)

Rachel said...

U are actually one of the few to say that he looks like me. Most friends say that he looks more like his dh nowadays :)

Angeline said...

Definitely lots of 'F' in every activity planned...
Great Work Mommy!