September 25, 2009

Planting bean sprouts


1. Tear cotton wool and place in container


2) Plant the green beans and water
Day 0 of K's bean sprouts project

K's first science project; growing bean sprouts. My attempt to get him to observe how plant/vegetables grow.

Seems to be a useful technique to teach him the concept of patience as well. After he planted and watered the seed, I told him that we needed to water it daily and it will grow. He walked away from it, turned to me and said, "Ok wait, grow now." And then ran back to the container, hoping to see a plant.

I reminded him of his book "The Carrot Seed", about the boy who had to be patient for a couple of days and wait for his carrot plant to grow.

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Nic said...

reading this reminded me to do the same with Will! Thks for sharing! Indeed a simple n wonderful science project for tots!