September 3, 2009

Flu flu go away

The phlegmy cough is now accompanied with running nose
As well as occasionally vomitting
The little trooper is still handling it real well
Still showing his 'tennis' + 'wushu' moves

Not so great for me though
I have succumbed to the bug
Throat scratchy, nose sniffy
Together with a slight fever
OTC flu meds don't work too well
Can't get any sleep as it kept me wide awake last night

Two days doses of echinacea, some vitamin c and garlic pills
Seemed to have worked quite well
Gave my immune system a boost
No more cough, just slight sniffles
Just more rest and fluids
And I will be 'as good as new'


Merryn said...

Oh wat a pity.. get well soon. rest rest..

nic said...

rest well :-)