September 8, 2009

Countdown: 1 more week...

to being 2 and a half...


He is getting quite domineering and demanding. Things must be done his way, he gives the orders and make the decisions. If he decides that, “mummy do”, daddy or helper cannot be accepted as a substitute. If he decides, “Me do myself”, no one is allowed to help him.


He is extremely sociable. He loves attention, likes to make new friends and is quick to warm up in a new environment with other children. When we walk pass a stage at the mall, he points to it and tells me "my favorite". He approaches other children his age in Sunday School and smiles and says "hi" to them, unfortunately, he will be greeted with silence or a stare. I will tell him that "they are shy", when he looks at me quizically.

He is very enthusiastic to show his 'tennis', 'golf' or 'kung-fu' skills in front of others. He can be quite a show-off at times, especially since he does not seem to exhibit any form of performance anxiety. In fact, his 'performance' (complete with loud sound effects and dramatic movement) seem to thrill most of his 'audience' to bits.


He is not shy to to ask for things from the service staff at a restaurant. He even makes sure that he gets to order from the menu by himself, especially when he spots something that he fancies.

He is very inquisitive. His speech is now peppered with lots of "why-s", and he will not stop asking 'why' until he is given a satisfactory answer. He always make sure that I answer his, "Don't know what is this," or "Don't know who."

My little boy is growing up real fast (sometimes, a little too fast for my liking).

Countdown to one more week, I will be turning 33 years old on the same day...


Wonderful Life said...

Happy 33 months old... :)

Nic said...

Your boy is developing so well as a 'whole child'! :-)

Angeline said...

Double celebration!