September 22, 2009


Confession; I have been a lazy mom lately.

Not been doing much with K, except for a short finger paint session last week. Most of the other times I have been letting him play with his toys or plonking him in front of the TV watching cartoon network in the early evenings. While I will be slumped on the couch, nursing a headache or nausea.

I have been getting bouts of migraine quite often these two weeks. It usually lasts till lunch time and I end up doing nothing constructive with K. Been looking at the diet, I don't see anything which I could have eaten that could have triggered the migraines. Hb thinks it is the long hours I spend in front of the computer at night after K goes to bed.

Feel rather guilty about not providing more learning opportunities for him. Could I be experiencing a little bit of 'parenting lethargy' (don't know if there is such thing)?

Suppose it's time for another girl's night out with my good friend?


Nic said...

What a cute and precise term "parenting lethargy"! I do feel that from time to time too! But you have just 'coined' that sounds so reightful!

about your headaches and nausea, have you tried peeing onto a 'clear blu' stick? ;-)

Rachel said...

Haha...definitely not preggers for sure! I have a history of migraines and it re-surfaces once in while. And does get quite crippling once I am down with it...