September 23, 2009

The best part

K's been visiting his p.d. a little too often this past one month
To a point that the nurses have started addressing me on first name basis
It started with the flu a few days after we got back from our vacation.
Although it has been more than a month
he still coughs and vomits out phlegm on a periodic basis.

So well-behaved when he sees the p.d.
Stays very still when the doctor uses the stethescope
Obediently opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue when asked to
Doctor will exclaim, "Wow, he is such a good boy!"
K will be beeming with pride and flashing his 'beaver smile' (where he hides his top lip).

The best part of his trip after the visit to the doctor's
Will be checking out his favorite toys in the toy shops


He loves all typical boy's toys such as cars, trucks, tools and action figures
Pretends to be a firemen who fight aliens


Never fails to run towards the game consoles
This time he turns to me asking "Why never turn on?"
Persistently tries to fiddle with some knobs on the console
Hoping that the game will come on screen


This is a constant reminder why hb should never get the Wii
Till this little boy knows the meaning of discipline and self control

We ended up buying something more educational from the other toy shop
I just could not resist as it was on sale
If the stuff there wasn't so overpriced
I will get all of K's toys from that shop

He didn't show much enthusiasm when shown my choice
Didn't quite matter as I was certain he will like it
Once he got home
And was less overwhelmed by so many selections

I have to learn to appreciate this
While he is still willing to go with what mummy chooses for him


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