September 28, 2009

Food for thought


The list of things that K eats now is getting shorter and shorter. For this season it has been only

- chicken marcaroni

- spaghetti

- lasagne

- fishball noodles (he will eat this everyday if I allowed it!)

- prawn noodles (without the prawn, only with the fishcake)

- fried rice (only when it is home-cooked)

- ban mian

- yong tau foo (with all the fish balls/cake, without the tau foo)

- rice (only when he gets to eat it with fish ball)

- Japanese ramen

- cake and cupcakes

- an occasional piece of vegetable

I got this book, "Why should I eat well?", to teach K the importance of eating well. He can now tell me when I ask "Why must you eat well?" His reply will be "So that no tooth decay."

He is rather disturbed by the visuals of the pimply kid in the book and have refused to look at the book now, after reading it a couple of times. This evening while I was washing my face, K came into the bathroom and we had this conversation -

K : "Why mummy washing face?"

Me : "I need to keep my face clean so that I will not get pimples."

K : "Why mummy got pimple?" (referring to the hormonal zit that I have been nursing)

Me : "Because mommy has not been eating well. So did you eat well tonight?"

K : "No." (He refused to eat his rice this evening and ended up picking on a piece of ham in a sandwich)

Me : "So tomorrow you might get pimples then."

K : "NOoooooo!!!" (he then scrambled out of the bathroom)

I felt quite guilty after hearing that distraught tone in his "No". I try not to use fear to manage him, but sometimes, I just can't help it. Plus, I hate to admit that it works quite well most of the time.

I have decided that once he turns 4, he will need to eat whatever he is given or he can choose to go hungry. Then be made to watch videos and images of starving Ethopian/Somalian children. And listen to a lengthy discourse about how fortunate he is compared to these children who have nothing to eat.

So I have it all carefully thought out for when he is 4, and still wants to play 'hardball' with me during meal times. Although, I am well aware that theory always sounds much easier than practical experience.

September 25, 2009

Call me doctor...


Doctor. Ben-10 Kyle

According to K, he is now Kyle aka Ben-10. Dr. Ben-10 Kyle, not only fights evil aliens and bad guys, but also saves baby Mickey's life.

And you wonder where do they get the inspiration for their super-hero movie-scripts...

Planting bean sprouts


1. Tear cotton wool and place in container


2) Plant the green beans and water
Day 0 of K's bean sprouts project

K's first science project; growing bean sprouts. My attempt to get him to observe how plant/vegetables grow.

Seems to be a useful technique to teach him the concept of patience as well. After he planted and watered the seed, I told him that we needed to water it daily and it will grow. He walked away from it, turned to me and said, "Ok wait, grow now." And then ran back to the container, hoping to see a plant.

I reminded him of his book "The Carrot Seed", about the boy who had to be patient for a couple of days and wait for his carrot plant to grow.

September 23, 2009

The best part

K's been visiting his p.d. a little too often this past one month
To a point that the nurses have started addressing me on first name basis
It started with the flu a few days after we got back from our vacation.
Although it has been more than a month
he still coughs and vomits out phlegm on a periodic basis.

So well-behaved when he sees the p.d.
Stays very still when the doctor uses the stethescope
Obediently opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue when asked to
Doctor will exclaim, "Wow, he is such a good boy!"
K will be beeming with pride and flashing his 'beaver smile' (where he hides his top lip).

The best part of his trip after the visit to the doctor's
Will be checking out his favorite toys in the toy shops


He loves all typical boy's toys such as cars, trucks, tools and action figures
Pretends to be a firemen who fight aliens


Never fails to run towards the game consoles
This time he turns to me asking "Why never turn on?"
Persistently tries to fiddle with some knobs on the console
Hoping that the game will come on screen


This is a constant reminder why hb should never get the Wii
Till this little boy knows the meaning of discipline and self control

We ended up buying something more educational from the other toy shop
I just could not resist as it was on sale
If the stuff there wasn't so overpriced
I will get all of K's toys from that shop

He didn't show much enthusiasm when shown my choice
Didn't quite matter as I was certain he will like it
Once he got home
And was less overwhelmed by so many selections

I have to learn to appreciate this
While he is still willing to go with what mummy chooses for him


September 22, 2009


Confession; I have been a lazy mom lately.

Not been doing much with K, except for a short finger paint session last week. Most of the other times I have been letting him play with his toys or plonking him in front of the TV watching cartoon network in the early evenings. While I will be slumped on the couch, nursing a headache or nausea.

I have been getting bouts of migraine quite often these two weeks. It usually lasts till lunch time and I end up doing nothing constructive with K. Been looking at the diet, I don't see anything which I could have eaten that could have triggered the migraines. Hb thinks it is the long hours I spend in front of the computer at night after K goes to bed.

Feel rather guilty about not providing more learning opportunities for him. Could I be experiencing a little bit of 'parenting lethargy' (don't know if there is such thing)?

Suppose it's time for another girl's night out with my good friend?

September 18, 2009

A year older


It's official. I have turned 33 and K is 2 and a half years old. So how different has it been for us?

Mr. 2 and a half is still not toilet-trained; decided that he did not want to wear underwear anymore and will only want to use the potty when he feels like hearing some praise. I am probably one of those few mummies out there that have an extremely laissez-faire attitude when it comes to this. I figured there is really no rush, since K will not start pre-nursery till mid next year and I am sure he will not be in diapers when he gets to primary school. It is often easy when you have an eager-to-please toddler, but a totally different story when you have a little strong willed toddler whose daily mantra is 'I already made my mind on what I want today.'

The terrible twos behaviour can get quite bad on certain days. He can get extremely demanding, impatient, bad tempered, screechy and will be bawling his eyes out if he does not get things done his way (Picture above was taken after one of those tantrums, see the tear stained eyes). Other times, he is this animated, enduring and loving little boy.

Parenting him does take some tact, reasonable negotiation skills and lots of patience. In the words of my mom, an experienced parent of 3 children, "He is really not easy." Okay, I am not that exactly looking forward that he will grow into that 'not too cute anymore stage' in a couple of years time.

As for me, I am contented with life and I thank God everyday for letting me be a full time mother to K. Watching him grow up has been a joy, and I am glad that I have finally came to a point where I am not at all bothered by my lack of financial independence or perceived future security.

I think at many points of our lives, we often lose ourselves in the unwritten laws of the societal expectations. Call it denial, eccentricity or whatever, but I refuse to believe that our lives should be ruled by these expectations; most stay-at-home mothers are marginalized by devoting themselves full time to child rearing.

Taking care of children can be tedious and frustrating, but that will probably describe most jobs. The difference is that the time I devote to my child would be an investment in the most important activity humans can engage in. If I was still a working mom...and as K got older and left home, I don't think will I ever wish I had devoted more time to my career. My regrets will be all about lost opportunities to be with my child.

For me, there is really no higher calling than raising my child.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

Birthday highlights yesterday :

Hb and I sneaked out when K was having his afternoon nap, proceeded to Funan to shop for my birthday present and went on to a wonderful japanese dinner at Inagiku. The sashimi was excellent, but worthwhile only with the Dine @ Raffles membership with the Amex card (we got 50% off the bill).

As with most of my other birthdays, hb always got me tech items. An ipod nano and mobile phones a couple of years back, digi cameras, a laptop the year before. He has learnt long before that it is always safer to let me shop for my own birthday presents :)

1st few test shots of K with the Ricoh Digital GR 3; a digi cam with manual controls, without the bulk of a DSLR and can deliver super b/w and quality coloured shots.



Will be kept busy the next couple of days mastering technical techniques of digital photography and capturing priceless shots of a super active tot.

September 8, 2009

Countdown: 1 more week...

to being 2 and a half...


He is getting quite domineering and demanding. Things must be done his way, he gives the orders and make the decisions. If he decides that, “mummy do”, daddy or helper cannot be accepted as a substitute. If he decides, “Me do myself”, no one is allowed to help him.


He is extremely sociable. He loves attention, likes to make new friends and is quick to warm up in a new environment with other children. When we walk pass a stage at the mall, he points to it and tells me "my favorite". He approaches other children his age in Sunday School and smiles and says "hi" to them, unfortunately, he will be greeted with silence or a stare. I will tell him that "they are shy", when he looks at me quizically.

He is very enthusiastic to show his 'tennis', 'golf' or 'kung-fu' skills in front of others. He can be quite a show-off at times, especially since he does not seem to exhibit any form of performance anxiety. In fact, his 'performance' (complete with loud sound effects and dramatic movement) seem to thrill most of his 'audience' to bits.


He is not shy to to ask for things from the service staff at a restaurant. He even makes sure that he gets to order from the menu by himself, especially when he spots something that he fancies.

He is very inquisitive. His speech is now peppered with lots of "why-s", and he will not stop asking 'why' until he is given a satisfactory answer. He always make sure that I answer his, "Don't know what is this," or "Don't know who."

My little boy is growing up real fast (sometimes, a little too fast for my liking).

Countdown to one more week, I will be turning 33 years old on the same day...

September 3, 2009

Flu flu go away

The phlegmy cough is now accompanied with running nose
As well as occasionally vomitting
The little trooper is still handling it real well
Still showing his 'tennis' + 'wushu' moves

Not so great for me though
I have succumbed to the bug
Throat scratchy, nose sniffy
Together with a slight fever
OTC flu meds don't work too well
Can't get any sleep as it kept me wide awake last night

Two days doses of echinacea, some vitamin c and garlic pills
Seemed to have worked quite well
Gave my immune system a boost
No more cough, just slight sniffles
Just more rest and fluids
And I will be 'as good as new'