August 24, 2009

Post holiday outcome

Down with fever since from Sunday morning,
Fever went up to 38.8 degrees in the wee hours on Monday morning
Dh panicked and wanted to rush K to emergency

Told dh, we should try first with the paracetamol and a gel pack
Got him back to sleep
Fever went down after 1 hour
Sometimes all it takes the other half of an occasional calmer parent

Got K to see the pd this evening
Found that he put on 1kg from the holiday
From a 14.6kg to a robust 15.6 kg

Been confined at home for a week
Told to monitor to his temperature till friday
And that there is little to worry since he is so active and alert

Back comfortably in his bed
Sleeping soundly
Temperature is back to normal
My lil' boy is a strong viral warrior


Merryn said...

These days, fever will trigger panic in anybody!!!!

the little prince said...

Take good care ya!