August 8, 2009

Just a wee bit more bossy than usual


K's little streak of bossiness has reach another level of advancement, it's now more than just "Mommy do." He now tells me what to say during our sessions of pretend play.

While we were playing his fishing game, he caught a toy crab and said these few words;
"Mummy, eat crab."
He went on to exclaim,
"Don't say not good to eat."
"Always say is good."

I wonder where that came from...certainly not from me.


Merryn said...

Blame it on Daddy? Maid? Hmm.. where else can that come from? TV? Hahhahahaha.. crab is good what.. delicious!

Angeline said...

*huge laugh*
Always give compliments... that's the lesson for today...
*huge laugh*

4malmal said...

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