August 4, 2009

July captions

Been feeling kind of lazy to type too much into this blog lately, so captions will do for this week...


Playdate at Raeann's on the 30th
K needs time with mei mei to learn that there is more to just rough-and-tumble play


Celebrated Yi yi's birthday on the 1st Aug, K got a little too enthusiastic and blew the candles even before we finished the birthday song. So then the candles had to be re-lit.


Another fish hat evening; on the way to birthday dinner at Sopranos at Portdown road. Incidentally was the worse Italian food I ever had. Good ambience but lousy food. At least dessert was good when we went on to Peaberry and Pretzel @ Sunset Way.


CaLi said...

to be exact, he blew out the candles BEFORE we even began to sing the bday song. HAHAHA. :)

Angeline said...

Cool Nike shoes!!!!
Ooops! sorry, I just can't help noticing it... I'm a huge Nike fan!