August 10, 2009


Counting down to 1 more day of being maidless for the next 10 days.
Not looking forward to cleaning the house or washing...
Or spending less time surfing the internet.

What can I say, except that...
I will never be cut out to be a stay at home mom who has to do housework without any help.


Chrystal said...

I'm sure you'll do fine!

I do the housework myself too :)

Lizhen said...


Would you like to share your babies/toddlers photos at the website is a consolidation of babies blogs/photos! hope to see your submission! :)

Angeline said...

funny girl, hmmm... just do the laundry, leave the floor till the maid is back!
Nahhh..... joking... but I do know of someone who did that!