July 19, 2009

What K has been busy with...

K made cupcakes for the first time on Friday and made a huge mess. He enjoyed himself during the process, especially when he got the batter all over the table while using the electric mixer, and got to help himself to the candy and chocolate sprinkles.


Since K had so much fun helping out, we will be looking at making more goodies. The only challenge I have with the finished product is that it takes a bit of time for us to finish it up. We will be so sick of cupcakes after this week! I have been having a cupcake for breakfast, K has been having cupcakes for breakfast and tea since friday.

K has been asking me to get him a helmet lately, as he is so convinced he needs one as 'Speed Racer' wears one and so do all the motorcycle/scooter riders that he sees on the roads. When we got him the sports helmet last night, he was all enthusiastic to put it on and wore it even while brushing his teeth.


His enthusiasm is such a far cry from the behaviour he exhibited 1 year ago, when he used to have a dislike for hats.


He continues to surprise me with his capacity to learn and remember things, as well as being so vocal and candid about it. Just yesterday, when I forgot to say grace before eating, K said, "Mummy, forgot grace." And when he is asked to take his afternoon nap, he reply will be, "Don't want to sleep now, do other things."


Despite my attempts to speak proper english to K, he picked up some 'Singlish' expressions from Nana. Being as cheeky as he is, he will say "Aiyoh", then giggle after saying it.

As for potty training, K has told me that he wants to "Wear diapers, don't want underpants and use the potty" for now. Sigh...we will just have to take a break from potty training and will try again in another 2 months.


Nic said...

Hey I rarely hear that a mommy is willing to postpone potty training according to the child's wishes! You are so understanding

Rachel said...

Nic, I have no choice when K is a strong willed little boy. I have to choose my battles wisely and not get all frustrated/end up battling with him when he is not ready. There is still time (at least some time before he goes to school). Will be trying out new methods on potty training once we are ready to start again in 2 months.

Wei Yang said...

It's been soooo long since I seen you guys! For the longest time I remembered K was still a baby and now he's a big boy already!

KoLe said...

he looks absolutely adorable in the helmet! and love his signature smile:) never fails to brighten up my day.