July 19, 2009

Male bonding time

Hb brought K out to play soccer this evening and the little guy was in such a good mood to pose for the camera.


Hb caught so many priceless pics of K, even one looking a little 'chipmunk-like'.


K's signature grin has an added new variation, it now comes with the head tilt.


I am amazed by the wonders of that little 'father-and-son' bonding time together. From a reluctant subject behind the camera, K becomes an eager participant for the pictures. Hb became K's new best friend this evening, K even requested that hb helped him to shower when they got home.



Merryn said...

Hahaha.. cute! Showing maturity in the chipmunk pose! LOL..

Nic said...

I have noticed that K likes to make a lot of facial expressions when he faces the camera! Hahaha...so cute!

Angeline said...

Alright daddy... its a man's game!!! And from the willingness of him making all those expressions, there is no doubt, he enjoyed himself with the big guy of the house, eh? *wink*

Rachel said...

Merryn - spontaneous shots are the best...altho most of the time my response not fast enough to catch his expressions.

Nic - I call him Mr 'Child Actor'. He can get extremely dramatic at times.

Angeline - For sure, the boys always need some male bonding time together.