July 6, 2009

Haircut milestone for Mr. 27 month old

K went for his 'long-dreaded' (if there is a word as long-awaited, this is the opposite) haircut on friday. The past few haircut experiences for K have been very painful for him and I, especially since he will emerge from every single haircut all upset and tearful.

This time my helper and I were in for a pleasant surprise. As my helper stood at the side, looking very apprehensive, since most of the previous haircuts K will be on her lap and I will be the one restraining the hands and trying to calm him down. The both of us weren't sure what was in store for us this time...

K asked to sit on the chair by himself, requested for "Thomas" to be played on the screen in front of him and sat calmly through the whole haircut without any resistance. He grinned widely and exclaimed "Ah!" when he saw his new hairstyle in the mirror, right after when the stylist styled his fringe and said "Finished!"

Like any proud parent, I gushed over him after the haircut and was extremely enthusiastic to get him a new puzzle and ball from the toy shop afterwards.


K looking cool with his new hairstyle


Tin said...

Good job, K!
I still don't have the courage to bring Kai for his first haircut at the barber... :(

the little prince said...

Wow....Clever boy!!

My boy...got to have hair cut almost every 2 - 3 months and cry everytime!! :-(