July 25, 2009

At the Botanics

It was a sweltering hot day for a picnic, nonetheless, the hot weather didn't seem to bug K in any way. Yiyi, Uncle Ed and the dogs, Zac and Lea's company at the picnic did make it especially fun for K.

Kids have that affinity with nature and I don't think that I should be depriving him of it, although I am not particularly fond of perspiring profusely under the hot sun / getting bitten by ants. However, for K's sake, looks like we will be having more regular picnics in the near future.


K spotted a dragonfly! (While Zac wonders what is all that commotion...)

Checking out the water through the drain

Playing with Lea, Zach's (our family dog) sister


Posing with cutie little Kayla (Sheryl's daughter)

Turned out that Saturday morning was a mini SE alumni of sorts, as I met another ex-colleague Shaw Wun with her daughter Alissa. Looks like Botanic Gardens is a great place to have family picnics on Saturdays.


Back to more action...


Need a short breather. Taking a sip of ice cold water (So shiok!)


Our furry companions that day, Lea (left) and Zac


And the little monkey at the park...or rather...K's new pose for the camera.

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