July 28, 2009

Ain't it sunny?


According to K, it was. He decided that it was so sunny indoors that he insisted on wearing my sunglasses while we were in the mall.

Sing with me

Sing with me from Rachel T on Vimeo.

July 25, 2009

At the Botanics

It was a sweltering hot day for a picnic, nonetheless, the hot weather didn't seem to bug K in any way. Yiyi, Uncle Ed and the dogs, Zac and Lea's company at the picnic did make it especially fun for K.

Kids have that affinity with nature and I don't think that I should be depriving him of it, although I am not particularly fond of perspiring profusely under the hot sun / getting bitten by ants. However, for K's sake, looks like we will be having more regular picnics in the near future.


K spotted a dragonfly! (While Zac wonders what is all that commotion...)

Checking out the water through the drain

Playing with Lea, Zach's (our family dog) sister


Posing with cutie little Kayla (Sheryl's daughter)

Turned out that Saturday morning was a mini SE alumni of sorts, as I met another ex-colleague Shaw Wun with her daughter Alissa. Looks like Botanic Gardens is a great place to have family picnics on Saturdays.


Back to more action...


Need a short breather. Taking a sip of ice cold water (So shiok!)


Our furry companions that day, Lea (left) and Zac


And the little monkey at the park...or rather...K's new pose for the camera.

July 23, 2009

My little gentleman

K had an enjoyable time this morning.

He was a little different. Less of his usual rough-and-tumble play, a little more subdued. Can't be certain if he exhibited some gentlemanly qualities since he was playing with Rae-anne 'mei mei', or that he was feeling a little under the weather. I do hope it is the former.

With Rae-anne from Rachel T on Vimeo.

July 22, 2009

Guitar boy

Guitar Boy from Rachel T on Vimeo.

July 19, 2009

Male bonding time

Hb brought K out to play soccer this evening and the little guy was in such a good mood to pose for the camera.


Hb caught so many priceless pics of K, even one looking a little 'chipmunk-like'.


K's signature grin has an added new variation, it now comes with the head tilt.


I am amazed by the wonders of that little 'father-and-son' bonding time together. From a reluctant subject behind the camera, K becomes an eager participant for the pictures. Hb became K's new best friend this evening, K even requested that hb helped him to shower when they got home.


What K has been busy with...

K made cupcakes for the first time on Friday and made a huge mess. He enjoyed himself during the process, especially when he got the batter all over the table while using the electric mixer, and got to help himself to the candy and chocolate sprinkles.


Since K had so much fun helping out, we will be looking at making more goodies. The only challenge I have with the finished product is that it takes a bit of time for us to finish it up. We will be so sick of cupcakes after this week! I have been having a cupcake for breakfast, K has been having cupcakes for breakfast and tea since friday.

K has been asking me to get him a helmet lately, as he is so convinced he needs one as 'Speed Racer' wears one and so do all the motorcycle/scooter riders that he sees on the roads. When we got him the sports helmet last night, he was all enthusiastic to put it on and wore it even while brushing his teeth.


His enthusiasm is such a far cry from the behaviour he exhibited 1 year ago, when he used to have a dislike for hats.


He continues to surprise me with his capacity to learn and remember things, as well as being so vocal and candid about it. Just yesterday, when I forgot to say grace before eating, K said, "Mummy, forgot grace." And when he is asked to take his afternoon nap, he reply will be, "Don't want to sleep now, do other things."


Despite my attempts to speak proper english to K, he picked up some 'Singlish' expressions from Nana. Being as cheeky as he is, he will say "Aiyoh", then giggle after saying it.

As for potty training, K has told me that he wants to "Wear diapers, don't want underpants and use the potty" for now. Sigh...we will just have to take a break from potty training and will try again in another 2 months.

July 8, 2009

No walk in the park

When I asked K which animal he wanted to see at the zoo this morning. He told me, "Giraffe". As we got to the giraffe enclosure, he was all gamed to feed the giraffe.


My bold little one showed no fear for the 'gentle giant' and only showed a slight flicker of disgust when the giraffe's over-enthusiastic long purple tongue left a bit of saliva on his left hand.

K is displaying more of his boldness and need for independence. He now tells me, "Don't hold hands", and prefers to walk by himself. I find myself getting really naggy as I say these words repeatedly when we are out of the house; "Stay next to mummy...don't walk away...where are you going...turn back...watch your step...come here..."


Two is a really adorable age, however it does get really challenging sometimes. From the words of a really experienced mom, Lay Keng (Seth's mom, she has 4 children), "Persevere in your discipline and set limits, don't give in. It will surely get better once he turns three." I really hope so.

July 6, 2009

Haircut milestone for Mr. 27 month old

K went for his 'long-dreaded' (if there is a word as long-awaited, this is the opposite) haircut on friday. The past few haircut experiences for K have been very painful for him and I, especially since he will emerge from every single haircut all upset and tearful.

This time my helper and I were in for a pleasant surprise. As my helper stood at the side, looking very apprehensive, since most of the previous haircuts K will be on her lap and I will be the one restraining the hands and trying to calm him down. The both of us weren't sure what was in store for us this time...

K asked to sit on the chair by himself, requested for "Thomas" to be played on the screen in front of him and sat calmly through the whole haircut without any resistance. He grinned widely and exclaimed "Ah!" when he saw his new hairstyle in the mirror, right after when the stylist styled his fringe and said "Finished!"

Like any proud parent, I gushed over him after the haircut and was extremely enthusiastic to get him a new puzzle and ball from the toy shop afterwards.


K looking cool with his new hairstyle