June 26, 2009

"Not good boy"


How do you respond to a two year old that rather say that he is, "not good boy," who prefers not to follow instructions and do things his own way?

That's how defiant this little guy can be.

So the early childhood experts were not exactly correct when they wrote that children of this age like to please their parents and caregivers. Apparently, this does not apply to a strong-willed toddler.

I have realised that only reasoning in this form works with him. "Not good boy? A naughty boy will not get to eat ice cream. A naughty boy will get the cane when he does not listen..."

Time out does not work with K's temperament. Natural consequences and removal of priviledges have worked better to correct misbehaviour. And when the little 'stubborn mule' in him starts acting up, these words said calmly, "I will take the cane," will be the most effective.

I have not used the cane on him, and I don't intent to. So far, when K hears the loud 'twack' of the cane hitting against the door, he knows he has reached his limits and will stop his misbehaviour.

I am not proud to say that I resort to threats when disciplining my child. But when I think about how similar his temperament is to mine (in fact, more obstinate). And that a child is not born with a moral compass or the knowledge to know his actions are folly, setting reasonable limits and discipline is necessary in bringing K up.

Never let go

Never let go by Casting Crows

"Oh no...never let go, na na na, na na na." That's how K sings it.
This song is K's favorite and only song on his playlist when we are in the car.

5 times on repeat on the way to swimming, and then 5 more times on the way back home.


Thank goodness that he has got pretty good taste in music; meaningful lyrics and a catchy tune. I am not sick of the song although I have been listening to it at least 5-10x a day, well, not yet...

June 19, 2009

Down with the bug

No pics this week, as dh has 'kidnapped' my camera and brought it along with him to his business trip to Maldives. So no updates for you, daddy!

In the meantime, K has just recovered from gastric flu and I caught the bug from him. Have recovered, but still feel rather lethargic and been getting headache spells. Potty training has taken a short hiatus for this week, so looks like we have to start from scratch again...sigh...

June 8, 2009

Ready for the potty

Just when I was beginning to think that it will be a while before K starts to use the potty.

Potty training started yesterday, as dictated by K. He surprised me when he said that he wanted to wear underwear and told me he wanted to use the potty. For the rest of the day, he showed alot of enthusiasm when using the potty.

He still tends to forget when he gets caught up playing, and has to be reminded every other hour to use the potty. But overall, I think it has been a pretty good 1st day attempt at potty training.


If only...


"If I can choose, I would really love to have ice cream everyday after every meal!"

June 4, 2009

Where is?

K has hit the 'Why?' stage.
His toddler version of 'Why/Where is it?' is "Where is?"
When he points to something and says "This one. Don't know." It means "What is this?"

Usually for every curious toddler with plenty of "Where is?". Patience is a virture, and lots of restrain is needed from sprouting nonsensical answers, especially when the day is teeming with plenty of "Where is-s?"

where is