May 9, 2009

Take the heat off

Recently another opportunity came by for me to potentially increase my income.
It was all very exciting and tempting.
It came at an opportune time,
since I have been thinking lately, how I am slowly losing my relevance to the working world.

The SAHM honeymoon period is finally over,
after 10 months without a job and staying home with K,
I wonder how much I am missing out by not working full time.

Probably not much, I try to convince myself, since the economy is in doldrums.
This chance at making some extra money seemed extremely attractive.
So I was all geared up to start working on it and put in my best effort
...all for like two days.

My rational mind sounded the alarm bells,
I asked myself if I will have enough time to manage this,
and concerned dh asked questions like "Is there long term sustainability?"
Besides, my online business just started and it is keeping me busy enough.
Then I think about K,
about how he was the key reason why SAHM status came about.

Even with newly acquired WAHM status,
I still have a healthy work life balance,
since my time at work is limited to the hours when K is asleep.

I should really stop worrying about tomorrow,
since today, there is enough to think about.
Somehow, things will have a way of working out in the end.
For all I know, I may never need to be a salaried employee in the corporate rat race?
Well, life is always easier when u see your glass as half full.

I still think it is worthwhile not to be a FTWM, when I can always be around to take videos of random things such as this:

How K deals with the heat from Rachel T on Vimeo.

My little 'ice chomper'. It is terribily bad for his teeth, however, I understand his liking for chewing ice, as I love chewing on ice especially on a hot day.

I have just purchased an annual fee of USD$59 for VIMEO plus account. Got tired of waiting for my videos to upload with a free account. Thus, so as to armotise this investment, it will be more random videos in this blog moving forward. Besides, dh just reminded 2 weeks ago to take more videos of K, as videos are one of the best memories to keep from K's adorable toddler age.


Leonny said...

Hi Rachel!

Thanks for leaving your comment over on my blog, and yes it's really nice to join the moms online shop owner club!!! :D

And and ... I LOVE your newly launched online shop!! Congrats to you too!!


Angeline said...

Being full time Stay At Home Mom will often have this worry, but if you have your 'steps' written out right for your online biz, that should be something that you can rely on...and not worry about in the long run.... Jiayou!

kids just love chomping ice, don't they...?!

*Happy Mothers' Day to you!

Rachel said...

Leonny - Thanks for popping over and also ur compliments on my site. Happy Mother's Day to you!

Angeline - Still keeping my fingers crossed about the online business. A Happy Mothers' Day to you too!

4malmal said...

hmmm, I wonder that means another SAHM joining the work force.
I think I am the lazy one, I don miss working life at all! haha

Rachel said...

Rachel - Hopefully that does not happen...I also dun wish to go back to the workforce if I can help it. Just feeling rather inadequate when I see my friends having great careers.