May 28, 2009


I have been experiencing mixed feelings lately.
A deep sense of sadness to see what is around me, yet joy at what is coming for me and my family.

For most, it sure sounds like I am going through some form of depression.
But I assure you I am not.
Instead, I feel that I have woken up from a deep slumber
A slumber filled with discontentment, confusion, thankless-ness, fear and cynicism.
I have woke up to what I deem as reality
A reality of what my faith (in God) is suppose to bring;
Love and appreciation for my family,
A sense of purpose for my life
And an urgency to make every single minute of my life on this earth count.

What more can I ask for?
Time with my child
Being there for my husband
And my love ones.

I am starting to look at life from the outside
Disconnecting from the materials of the world
Loved ones are the only thing that truly matters now
And the joy from this love is nothing but bliss

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