May 29, 2009

Pentecost mood

This summarizes my mood for this weekend.

Patiently awaiting; ears alert for the trumpet sound.

May 28, 2009


Children are a joy.
Only when I experience the frustrations of dissension every once a while
Then I know how to appreciate the simple, yet profound joy they bring.


All your children shall be taught by the Lord,and great shall be the peace of your children.
Isaiah 54:13


I have been experiencing mixed feelings lately.
A deep sense of sadness to see what is around me, yet joy at what is coming for me and my family.

For most, it sure sounds like I am going through some form of depression.
But I assure you I am not.
Instead, I feel that I have woken up from a deep slumber
A slumber filled with discontentment, confusion, thankless-ness, fear and cynicism.
I have woke up to what I deem as reality
A reality of what my faith (in God) is suppose to bring;
Love and appreciation for my family,
A sense of purpose for my life
And an urgency to make every single minute of my life on this earth count.

What more can I ask for?
Time with my child
Being there for my husband
And my love ones.

I am starting to look at life from the outside
Disconnecting from the materials of the world
Loved ones are the only thing that truly matters now
And the joy from this love is nothing but bliss

May 21, 2009

On life

Been in an extremely reflective mood these past one week.

Life is transient,
Which is becoming more apparent with each day.
I have to stop worrying,
but start to enjoy every moment that God gives.

Life is a true oxymoron.
It can be so beautiful, yet so hard at the same time.


"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?"
Matthew 6:25-27

May 19, 2009

Nice hair


Who needs styling products anyway?
When dunking head into water table can do this to your hair.

May 16, 2009

Go Fish!

After numerous experiences of mock fishing with Grand-dad's fishing rod at his house, K could not wait to do real fishing at the pond. It was tough to convince him that he will not be able to catch any fish, as he kept reeling the line in...which is his favorite part of the activity.



Fishing from Rachel T on Vimeo.

May 13, 2009

Within the sidelines

K is no longer allowed to hit tennis balls in Nana's house. Too many crystal vases are at risk.

Tennis Tot from Rachel T on Vimeo.

On potty-training

'Toilet training is best delayed until the months following the second birthday, when the child can consistently identify the signals from a full bladder or rectum and wait for the right place to open these muscles - physiological developments essential for the child to cooperate with training. A toddler who stays dry for several hours at a time, stops playing during urination or a bowel movement, and is bothered by a wet or full diaper show signs of readiness.'
(Berk, 2008, Infants, children and adolescents.)
Recently I have been asked by someone if K is potty trained, when I answered not yet, her answer to me was, "My sons have been potty-trained since they were 9 months old!" Good for her! She must have saved alot of money on diapers.

I have started initiating K to the potty, starting with books like 'Everyone Poops' by Taro Gomi. A book that takes a matter-of-fact attitude towards the bowel activity and its outcome. For a toddler, it is informative and it has worked to ensure that K has regular bowel movements every 2 days. But for me, this probably qualifies as 'toddler toilet humour', quite literally, with its quirky illustrations.






Cognitive association without muscular development of bladder or bowel control does not help. K understands the concept but has shown that he is still not physically ready to be potty-trained. He goes about his normal activities with a heavy diaper and wants to sit on the potty if he sees dh or me using the toilet. He then ends up sitting 5-8 minutes on the potty waiting for the bladder movement to happen. From that few times he has asked to use the potty, he has only succeeded twice. This is a sure indication that he is still not able to tell if he has a full bladder.

Before I am able to start K on a 'potty-going' routine (morning, after meals, before nap time), his reply has been "Don't want," whenever I ask him if he wants to use the potty. I have also decided against using 'underwear training method', until I see more signs of potty readiness.

'Children whose parents postpone intensive training until the early to middle of the third year are generally fully trained without four months. Starting before 27 months simply makes the process take longer.'

(Blum & Nemeth, 2003, Pediatrics 111)

I have decided that K can dictate his own pace for potty-training, and I will not be pressured by the 90% of 2 year olds out there who are already in their training pants.

May 10, 2009

Techie tot

K's new technology milestone...he has learnt how to use the mouse. Mummy, the wannabe techie is so proud of his newly acquired skill.

Techno tot from Rachel T on Vimeo.

Tech tot caught on camera by the 'mamarazzi'...


May 9, 2009

Take the heat off

Recently another opportunity came by for me to potentially increase my income.
It was all very exciting and tempting.
It came at an opportune time,
since I have been thinking lately, how I am slowly losing my relevance to the working world.

The SAHM honeymoon period is finally over,
after 10 months without a job and staying home with K,
I wonder how much I am missing out by not working full time.

Probably not much, I try to convince myself, since the economy is in doldrums.
This chance at making some extra money seemed extremely attractive.
So I was all geared up to start working on it and put in my best effort
...all for like two days.

My rational mind sounded the alarm bells,
I asked myself if I will have enough time to manage this,
and concerned dh asked questions like "Is there long term sustainability?"
Besides, my online business just started and it is keeping me busy enough.
Then I think about K,
about how he was the key reason why SAHM status came about.

Even with newly acquired WAHM status,
I still have a healthy work life balance,
since my time at work is limited to the hours when K is asleep.

I should really stop worrying about tomorrow,
since today, there is enough to think about.
Somehow, things will have a way of working out in the end.
For all I know, I may never need to be a salaried employee in the corporate rat race?
Well, life is always easier when u see your glass as half full.

I still think it is worthwhile not to be a FTWM, when I can always be around to take videos of random things such as this:

How K deals with the heat from Rachel T on Vimeo.

My little 'ice chomper'. It is terribily bad for his teeth, however, I understand his liking for chewing ice, as I love chewing on ice especially on a hot day.

I have just purchased an annual fee of USD$59 for VIMEO plus account. Got tired of waiting for my videos to upload with a free account. Thus, so as to armotise this investment, it will be more random videos in this blog moving forward. Besides, dh just reminded 2 weeks ago to take more videos of K, as videos are one of the best memories to keep from K's adorable toddler age.

May 8, 2009

A walk in the park

The weather has been really hot lately. However, so as to give some variation to the playdates, Lay Keng and I, together with our boys, Seth and K, went ahead to brave the blazing hot sun and spent some time in Botanic Gardens.

We came armed with hats, sunblock, snacks and drinks for the boys and both Seth and K sure showed that they were totally unperturbed by the hot and humid weather.

We decided explore the park near the Cluny Road entrance, to give the boys the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of nature.

K, started his walk in the park by chasing after the pigeons, and gleefully caused distressed to the birds which were at first, peacefully feeding on scraps dropped by other visitors. This caused a little bit of distress to me, as I have this fear of pigeons flying too close.

Pigeons, here I come! from Rachel T on Vimeo.

Seth and K went on a fish feeding frenzy when they reached the pond. K was so overly enthusiastic when he fed the fish, that I found myself having to hold him back a couple of times to prevent him from falling into the pond. The toddlers ended up sharing their muffins and cereal with the fish, turtles and swan in the pond. Both mummies agreed that the animals and amphibians in the pond were more keen on anything else, except the fish food that we purchased from the Visitors area.


It is K's turn to get fed...

I had to be predictable and took a pic of the two of them sitting on the long bow branch of the Tembusu tree. A 100-over year old tree which some of us might recognise, as it is featured on the back of the Singapore $5 note and a common feature seen in wedding photographs taken at Botanic Gardens.


"We are best of friends, you know?"
It turned out that I wasn't the only one that was keen on getting a pic of the two boys sitting on the tree...

Sitting on a tree from Rachel T on Vimeo.

There were a group of Ngee Ann Poly students together with their lecturer, who found K and Seth to be intriguing subjects to try out their photographic technique of symmetry.

As seen in the video, K gamely alternated between his two favorite expressions for photo-taking; his smile/grimace and 'coy handsome face'. I am even more convinced now that K has a natural flair for acting and loves to show off when there is an 'audience'. Most likely it will be "Speech and Drama Lessons, here we come!", when he turns 3 or 4 years old.


It's that smile/grimace again

When we started walking back in the late morning, K wanted to take a picture of Seth. It was really amusing to see two toddlers imitating what adults do; Seth posed for the picture and K became the 'photographer'. Too bad I did not have another camera on hand to catch the boys in action.

This is the photo that K took for Seth...


Looks like his photography skills are better than mine; he doesn't even need an SLR to have that 'blurred background' effect or use photoshop to create that.

My toddler never fails to amaze me.

May 4, 2009

A little reminder

After months of 'over-browsing and reading', K's favorite 'nice book' (Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever) pages started falling off from its spine.

I glued the pages of his book back and when I told him that his nice book has been fixed, he turned to me, gave me a hug and said, "Thank you, mummy."

All that frustrations and impatience that I have experiencing the past couple of days with my strong-willed and stubborn toddler, dissolved into thin air with that hug.

This is just a little nudge to remind me, that the challenges that I have been encountering in my parenting journey thus far is definitely worth it.

May 1, 2009

I love ice cream!


Experiencing a 'brain freeze' while enjoying his favorite treat